Danville Community College began registration for summer and fall classes last week and has announced that the DCC campus will be fully reopened to all students on the first day of fall semester on Aug. 23.

“We’ve been operating at reduced capacity for students since July 1, 2020, so we are elated to be able to welcome everyone back to campus this Fall, as we implement our state-approved COVID-19 reopening plan,” said Jaqueline Gill Powell, president of DCC. “We know that many of our students feel they are more successful when they are in an in-person instructional setting, so bringing those students back where they can feel confident is a huge part of the excitement for us surrounding the reopening.”

DCC will follow their COVID-19 Reopening Plan, which has been approved by the Virginia Community Colleges System and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. This plan outlines all required safety, sanitation, and distancing measures that must be implemented when students return to campus full-time.

“We’re doing a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure a seamless reopening for our students, faculty and staff,” said Dean Cheryl Terry. “Everything will be in total compliance with CDC guidelines and our own reopening plan to protect the safety of our campus and everyone learning and working here in the fall.”

In the meantime, summer classes will be offered in an online capacity, with hands-on learning experiences and labs being held in-person. This is a continuation of the way DCC has offered classes since the initial onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

“Summer classes will continue to operate as we have for the last year, allowing us plenty of time to orchestrate a safe, confident reopening,” said Gill Powell. “With the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine into our local communities, we are optimistic that our case numbers will remain low on campus, as they have throughout the entirety of the pandemic thus far.”

Students may register for summer and fall classes now. Summer classes are set to begin on May 24, and the campus will reopen for fall semester on Aug. 23.

For more information, visit www.danville.edu.