Several youth learned they never know who’s watching or when an opportunity may arise at the Young Entrepreneur’s Day on Saturday morning at Halifax County Middle School.

What began as a day of mock interviews with various businesses and organizations as part of the event hosted by Victorious Ambition became real for 17-year-old Darryle Logan Jr. of South Boston who was offered a job by Belk.

“I was very excited and shocked (to be given a job offer),” said Logan, the son of Darryle and Tina Logan. “We were doing mock interviews, and I didn’t know anyone was watching for a real interview.”

He also took home the award for the best overall male. Ty’Nia Carrington won the best overall female.

Lenzy Terry and others of Victorious Ambition had invited youth to come to the middle school to be interviewed by representatives from businesses and organizations such as Belk, Walgreens, Goodys, Virginia Career Works and Southern Virginia Higher Education Center.

Everyone was encouraged to dress to impress and to bring resumes.

Another individual, Cayden Hazelwood took home an award for best-dressed and best resume. He also surprised everyone by having his teacher write him a reference letter.

His teacher described him as a strong leader who’s sociable, enjoys reading and gets along with almost everyone.

“This is what this day is about,” said Terry in recognizing Hazelwood for bringing the reference letter.

“It’s about you all going out in the world and being strong leaders and independent thinkers. We need you all to be the best each and every day and also surround yourself with other forward thinking individuals. We’re trying to get you prepared for your future.”

A representative with Belk also told Hazelwood he could have a job interview with them when he was old enough.

Logan explained the key to succeeding at the Young Entrepreneur’s Day was to come dressed nicely, don’t chew gum, use proper language and use proper etiquette.

Overall, he was glad he attended the event, and would like to see it held again next year.

As far as the job offer, Logan told them he would have to be back in touch.

It turns out he already has a job at Food Lion.

Those attending the event also received various prizes donated by Old Dominion University, Goodys and other businesses and organizations.

Terry said he would like to thank everyone who donated towards the event, participated in the mock interviews and helped organize the event.

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Ashley Hodge reports for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at

Ashley Hodge is a staff writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at