Crews with J. Harman Saunders Construction began demolition of structures on the Haislip property off a closed right-of-way adjacent to the site of the future Microsoft/MBC SOVA Innovation Hub in South Boston on Monday.

Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities has purchased five parcels in downtown South Boston for the future site of the Microsoft/MBC SOVA Innovation Hub, with MBC requesting that the right-of-way lying between these parcels be closed, vacated and conveyed to MBC.

Plans call for demolishing structures on the Haislip property and conveying the property to the IDA, with the property adjacent to Wilborn Avenue set aside for future development, and with the rear portion of the lot set aside for potential parking in the future.

A board of viewers appointed by South Boston Town Council met Sept. 26 and recommended the right-of-way consisting of 4,421 square feet be closed, finding that the closing represents no inconvenience to the general public.