Less county residents found jobs in May than in April with the unemployment rate rising from 3.6% to 4%.

In May, 14,916 county residents were employed out of a total workforce of 15,540 with 624 people continuing to look for work.

Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased 0.1 percentage point in May to 3%, which equals the rate from a year ago.

Nationwide, 157,152,000 out of a total workforce of 162,655,000 were employed while 5,503,000 continued to look for work in May.

A total of 4,274,356 Virginians were employed out of a total labor work force of 4,400,145 with 125,789 Virginians looking for work in May.

All neighboring localities’ unemployment also increased from April to May.

Charlotte County’s unemployment rate rose from 3% in April to 3.5% in May.

Danville City’s jobless rate increased from 5.1% in April to 5.3% in May.

Mecklenburg County’s unemployment rate went from 3.6% in April to 4.2% in May

Henry County’s jobless rate hiked from 3.1% in April to 3.4% in May.

Pittsylvania County’s unemployment rate increased from 3.1% in April. 3.5% in May

Campbell County’s jobless rate jumped from 2.8% in April to 3.2% in May.

In May, the labor force expanded for the eleventh consecutive month by 5,817, or 0.1 percent to set a new record high of 4,368,510, as the number of unemployed increased by 1,748.

Household employment increased by 4,069 to set a new high of 4,239,506.

Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate continues to be below the national rate, which was unchanged at 3.6 percent.