Danville Community College welcomed a new member to its board earlier this year.

Serving as one of three representatives from Halifax County, Kathryn Roberts began her first term with the college in March.

Roberts said she grew up in South Boston, but moved to Kilmarnock in 1983 when she was 11 years old and returned to South Boston in 1997 after college.

Roberts is in good company among the dossier of past and present DCC board members: Her mother-in-law, Virginia Roberts, also once served in this capacity.

The DCC board is comprised of nine representatives, with three individuals appointed by each political subdivision that sponsors the college to serve a four-year term on a staggered appointment schedule from the city of Danville, Pittsylvania County and Halifax County.

“I am very honored to be appointed to the DCC board. I am flattered that I was chosen to represent Halifax County in such an important role to continue the mission and values of DCC,” Roberts said. “I value education and hope that my service will benefit Halifax County residents seeking to further their education.”