The Halifax County Industrial Development Authority board received a 10-year projection for anticipated building upgrades and renovations at a Friday morning meeting. The IDA’s facilities director Sean Madigan gave the report.

IDA executive director Brian Brown explained to the board that the reason for providing them the long-range plan for building renovations is so they will know how much money to allocate to capital improvements each year.

He cautioned that the amount of funding needed for capital improvements would continue to increase. The overall estimated funding needed for capital improvements from 2020-2029 is $1,015,000.

“This is nowhere near adequate. It needs to grow,” Brown said.

Madigan shared that several of the IDA’s buildings are in need of major upgrades because of their age and subsequent deterioration. Three of those buildings comprise the Southern Virginia Advanced Manufacturing Center at 1120 Greens Folly Road. He said all of the buildings on that site were originally constructed in the 1960’s, with building additions continuing into the 1980s.

Madigan told the board there are serious environmental concerns at the site, and Draper Aden is performing an assessment and working on a remediation plan for the site. One of the buildings was once the site of Daystrom Furniture, Inc.

On a positive note, IDA board member Brandon Scearce commented that if the site does receive a “clean bill of health” from the Department of Environmental Quality, it has great potential for future industrial investment.

“That’s probably a $2 million revenue generator,” Scearce said. “It has potentially a tremendous market value.”

IDA board member Rick Harrell noted, however, that there are still “a lot of issues with the building – multiple.”

In addition to the former Daystrom facility, the Southern Virginia Advanced Manufacturing also is the site of a building currently used as a warehouse by Sunshine Mills. Madigan shared that the structure’s roof is in poor condition and frequently leaks. Brown said he ultimately would like to move the warehouse into the main building at the Southern Virginia Advanced Manufacturing site and demolish the building that currently houses the warehouse.

Another IDA-owned building in need of significant upgrades is the structure at 1130 Industrial Park (Old Dominion Packaging building). Madigan said the roof and HVAC system both need to be replaced.

“It’s not in great shape. It has not been updated since it was built. It was built in 1987,” Madigan explained.

Other, newer buildings owned by the IDA on which Madigan provided updates are as follows: the building at 1201 Industrial Park (TMI Autotech); the buildings at Southern Virginia Technology Park general park: building one located at 1100 Confroy Drive, which serves as the IDA’s headquarters, building two located at 1092 Confroy Drive, and the “shell building” currently under construction at 1030 Confroy Drive; the lot with a doublewide trailer at 1081 Industrial Park Drive that is used as a truck driving school, and the ABB building at 2135 Philpott Road. ABB is responsible for the maintenance of that building.

Miranda Baines is a staff writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at

Miranda Baines is a staff writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at