The following deeds were recorded in Halifax County Circuit Court during the month of September.

Justin N. Armitage to Jason Studley, lot in Merritt Hill, South Boston, $260,000

 Bradley R. Barron to Brenda Morrison, 20 ac. Winns Creek subd. & easement, $140,000

 Amanda G. Bates to Kimberly A. Coleman lot in town of South Boston, $157,500

 David Berry to Kevin M. Elliott, 8.696 ac., Black Walnut Dist., $135,000

 James M. Blevens to Julia R. Terry, parcels Birch Creek Dist., $50,000

 Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Charles J. Epps, 4 ac. Roanoke Dist., $27,500

 James M. Briggs to Steve Alan Thompson, 30.1/4 ac. Mt. Carmel Dist., $72,000

 Frederic A. Buynitzky to Glenn C. Ratliff Jr., 40 ac. Black Walnut Dist., $140,000

 Charles D. Conner to Michael L. Easley, lot town of South Boston, $13,000

 J.D. Conner III to Kelly D. Chappell, 3.917 ac. Banister Dist., $287,500

 Alvin E. Crews to Hunter D. Holt, 2.832 ac. St. Rd. 738, $124,900

 William W. Dunkin to Donald L. Ellington, 11.95 ac. Black Walnut Dist., $60,000

 Robert G. Fallen III to Shawnie W. Cline, 3.41 ac. Black Walnut Dist., $147,940

 Fannie Mae to William J. Howerton, .993 ac. Birch Creek Dist., $59,000

 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Michael T. Harvey, parcel town of South Boston, $179,900

 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Dan R. Herbert, lots in South Boston, $28,000

 Jonathan M. Forlines to Jay A. Forlines, .66 ac. Roanoke Dist., $68,500

 Laverne W. Gravitt to Joseph C. Newbill, parcel Roanoke Dist., $10,000

 Robert W. Haley to David A. Forlines, lots town of South Boston, $40,000

 Barbara S. Howerton to Rhonda Thomas Powell, 4.97 ac. Black Walnut Dist., $5,000

 Michael A. Hudnall to Phillip R. Hensley. 4.935 ac. Red Bank Dist., $265,000

 Lamont K. Hunter to Sandra S. McGregor, lot in Merritt Hill, South Boston, $165,000

 Stuart M. Jackson to James R. Sullivan II, 4 ac. Mt. Carmel Dist., $60,000

 Lillie S. Jennings to Paula Saunders, parcel Staunton Dist., $90,000

 Robert A. Leggett to William J. Van Opstal, 23.30 ac. town of South Boston, $475,000

 Lofton Leasing LLC to Johathan W. Milam, 66.92 ac. Banister Dist., $145,000

 Lelia A. Martin to Ignacio Almazan, 16.79 ac. and 1.79 ac. Roanoke Dist., $149,000

 Cindy D. McConnel to Leon Owen, lots town of South Boston, $69,995

 Jonathan W. Milam to Brandon M. Mallard, 19.03 ac. Banister Dist., $320,000

 Louise C. Montgomery to Seth D. Swary, 2.5 ac. Staunton Dist., $135,500

 Raymond K. Moorefield to Alicia Bembry, parcel Roanoke Dist., $130,000

 Daniel L. Norwood to Patricia E. Honeycutt, .44 ac. town of Virgilina, $2,600

 Ruth S. Oakes to Venessa Monger, lot in Banister Dist., $1,300

 Kim R. Pool to Robert Taylor, 3.794 ac. Birch Creek Dist., $20,000

 Clarence D. Powell to Traynham Grove Baptist Church, 2 ac. Roanoke Dist., $20,000

 Prof 2013 S3 Legal Title Trust to Loften Leasing LLC, 1.97 ac. Meadville Dist., $59,011.05

 Danny G. Puckett to Walter F. Cheek Jr., 20.19 ac. Roanoke Dist., $60,000

 Christopher Ragland to Anthony Dailey, parcel Black Walnut Dist., $113,500

 Patsy C. Reese to Donald W. Reese Jr., 210 ac & 39.30 ac. Staunton Dist., $300,000

 Leslie A. Robinson to Glenn M. Francis, lots in South Boston, $25,000

 William H. Robinson to David A. Humphrey Sr., 19.935 ac. Black Walnut Dist., $12,000

 Sheila M.Roper to Raymond J. Beachy Sr., 14.32 ac. & 18.96 ac., Roanoke Dist., $105,000

 Ruth S. Oakes, Treasurer to George H. Bagwell, lots in town of South Boston, $3,500

 Earl B. Saunders to Phillip Clark, 10.699 ac. Staunton Dist., $13,000

 Gayle A. Saunders to Virginia R. Jones, 1 ac. Black Walnut Dist., $75,000

 Secretary of Housing and Urban Affairs to Leigh Lee, 1 ac. Staunton Dist., $50,001

 Secretary of Housing and Urban Affairs to Michael Jones, parcel town of Halifax, $38,202

 Teddy G. Sharpe to Kaye F. Lytinen, 40.9 ac. and .167 ac. Birth Creek Dist., $120,000

 Cindy Shumate to Restated Trust of Kriag A. Kirs, lots Birch Creek Dist., $100,000

 Jewell S. Simpson to T.P. Gilliam Jr., 4.615 ac. Staunton Dist., $3,500

 Maxwell L. Thomason Jr. to Amber L. Wilkins to 2.69 ac. Black Walnut Dist., $125,000

 U.S. Bank National Assoc. to Seelochani D. Puran, lots in Staunton Dist., $29,710

 Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance to Zachary W. Seamster, 1 ac. Roanoke Dist., $51,000

 Pamela H. Vernon to Phillip A. Waller, 1 ac. Banister Dist., $40,000

 Waddell Woods Realty LLC to AB Jones Jr., Inc., .67 ac., Waddell Woods, South Boston, $10,050

 William H. Watts Jr. to American Showcase Modulars, 9.53 ac., Black Walnut Dist., $33,355

 Wells Fargo Bank to Hani Elmaeri, parcel town of South Boston, $43,000

 Julia C. Whitt to Joe D. Trickey Jr., lot South Boston, $62,000

 Woodland Resources LLC to Kenneth A. Hodges, 81.27 ac. Birch Creek Dist., $92,000

 Waynesboro B. Wyatt to Halifax Development LLC, lots town of South Boston, $109,488

 Daniel Yates to William Lam, 20.40 ac. Staunton Dist., $37,000

• YCB Enterprises LLC to JAR Investments LLC, parcel Watkins/Seymour, town of South Boston, $185,000