Sentara Halifax Home Health is deploying cutting-edge telehealth technology to improve the lives of the home-based patients that they serve.

Telehealth for home health patients will consist of a smart tablet which the patient uses to interact with Sentara Halifax Home Health staff, as well as transmit health data and manage medication. The goal of telehealth services is to support and assist patients who have been diagnosed with conditions like congestive heart failure, COPD and diabetes. This technology allows them to remain at home, avoiding costly emergency room visits and readmissions to the hospital.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer telehealth services to our patients,” said Wendy Fisher, BSN, administrator of Halifax Home Health and Hospice. “Not only will we be able to reduce unnecessary readmissions to the hospital but also help eliminate costly emergency room visits by being able to provide care and monitoring directly to the patient, right where they are.”

In addition to medication management, patients will receive biometric monitoring, which includes heart rate and blood pressure observation. Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), the telehealth company that Sentara Halifax Home Health will be working with to provide telehealth services, also offers educational videos, interactive quizzes and video calling. These facets will help patients better understand their condition and learn how to better manage it.

“There are so many wonderful pieces of the HRS telehealth software,” said Fisher. “We are looking forward to implementing all of them with our patients. We feel that these added services will improve the quality of life of those we serve.”

Patients can be placed on telehealth services by the referral of a physician or by an internal assessment conducted by Sentara Halifax Home Health nurses. This program is for patients who meet a certain set criteria and will ultimately augment the collaboration of care between home health nurses and the patient’s physician. Home health nurses continuously monitor the patient’s use of telehealth services to ensure that the patient is functioning well with the services.

“Each plan of care is very specific to the unique patient that we are caring for,” says Fisher. “We know that everything won’t always work for everyone, so we carefully observe our patients to ensure that they are receiving the highest quality of care that is appropriate for them as an individual.”

For more information about the telehealth services provided by Sentara Halifax Home Health, call 434-517-3339.