2018 was a challenging year for agriculture in Halifax County, and soybean producers were some of the most affected ones, according to Agriculture Extension Agent Rebekah Slabach.

But Halifax producers, for the second year in a row, have shown that resilience has rewards and that they are always making new strides.

Each year, the Virginia Soybean Association recognizes its producer members as winners in its annual yield contest. Producers work with local Extension agents in completing the application process, which includes measuring and harvesting the test area.

Adam Davis of Nathalie tied for third place in the 2018 Virginia Soybean Full-Season Contest. His winning entry of 72.19 bushels per acre was with the Pioneer variety P52A26R.

He was presented with the award and check for $50 at the Virginia Grains and Soybean Annual Conference on Thursday in Richmond.

This is the second year in a row a Halifax producer has been in the state contest stage. Jonathan and Steve Hudson of Hudson Farms placed second and third, respectively, in the irrigated division of the 2017 contest.

Growing the same Channel variety, Jonathan entered a yield of 101.52 bushels per acre, and Steve entered a 100.75-bushel yield.

They were inducted as new members to the contest’s 100 Bushel Club.