This 3.15-acre lot on Old Halifax Road in South Boston across from American National Bank owned by Valpro Strategies, LLC, currently is under contract. South Boston town manager Tom Raab said the coffeehouse chain Starbucks is moving forward with plans to open a store at this location.

South Boston soon may be on the map as a new footprint for the world’s largest coffeehouse chain — Starbucks.

South Boston town manager Tom Raab said Monday that Starbucks intends to open a location in South Boston.

“They are moving forward,” Raab stated.

He said the proposed location for Starbucks is on a lot on Old Halifax Road. The currently vacant 3.15-acre lot is across from American National Bank and just down the road from a Walmart superstore, in the Centerville area of South Boston.

“We approved the access off Old Halifax Road into the facility,” Raab said.

A member of the Starbucks media relations team, however, said the coffeehouse chain has no immediate plans to announce a South Boston location.

“At this time, we remain focused on serving customers in South Boston, Va. at our existing stores and have no store-opening plans to announce,” the media relations team member said in a Tuesday email to The Gazette. 

Currently, the nearest Starbucks location to South Boston is in Danville.

Real estate developers Valpro Strategies, LLC are listed as owners of the parcels of land, located next to the lot containing the “ice machine.”

Raab said the real estate developers were selling the entire lot. He added the lot previously had served as a residential property, and the house on the property had been razed.

“We’ve got a contract on the lot, but it’s still in the process,” said Dave White, a State Farm insurance agent who is involved with Valpro Strategies, LLC. “Nothing has been finalized.”

One of the parcels of land under contract was sold to Valpro Strategies in 2013 for $210,000. The smaller parcel was sold to Valpro Strategies in 2013 for $98,000.

The adjacent 2.21-acre lot where the ice machine is located also is listed as being for sale, at a reduced price.

Overall, Raab said he thought the Starbucks would help similar businesses already in South Boston, for the same reason that all the fast food restaurants are located in the same area.

“They all feed off each other,” he said.

Across town on Main Street, there are two locally owned cafes, The Busy Bean, owned by Anne Eakes, and Southern Plenty, owned by Mary Bagwell. Both offer up specialty coffee drinks such as flavored frappuccinos and lattes, as well as other beverages. The cafes serve up breakfast and lunch to locals, as well.

While Starbucks stores across the globe serve up other beverages and food items, as well, the coffee is what drives customers into the coffeehouse. At Starbucks stores across the world, baristos and baristas serve up the company’s famous Pike Place roast coffee, frappuccinos, Caffe Americanas, iced teas and refreshers.

The coffeehouse also is famous for its seasonal beverages, such as the pumpkin spice latte available each fall, and the peppermint mocha available each holiday season.

The first Starbucks store opened in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971. As of Oct. 29, 2020, Starbucks had a total of 32,660 stores across the globe, according to a company timeline on the Starbucks website.

Miranda Baines is a staff writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at

Miranda Baines is a staff writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at