Failure was never an option for Jeremy Holt when he decided to become a realtor nearly three years ago.

He said he decided to become a licensed real estate agent on a whim after buying his first house, and it turned out to be the best career decision he ever made.

“I was not going to let myself fail,” Holt said. “I set goals, and when I met those goals, I increased them.”

The 29-year-old realtor with Long & Foster was recently named the 2020 Young Professional of the Year by the Halifax County Chamber of Commerce. The number of houses he has sold since joining the Long & Foster team as an agent in September 2017 is evidence of his determination to succeed in a new career field.

“When I started, I sold 30 houses the first year. Last year I had 42 closings,” Holt said. “It really took off much faster than I expected.”

Lauren Tetterton, 2019 Young Professional of the Year for Halifax County, commended Holt for his “unique marketing” in her announcement of his award. She also noted that he was recently named part of the top 50 realtors under the age of 30.

Holt credits his success in part to working for a company with an outstanding track record — Long & Foster — and under an experienced broker — Scotty Felton.

“I have a great broker that I work under. Scotty took me under her wing and showed me the way, and we build off each other,” Holt said.

He added, “Long & Foster has a strong network up and down the East Coast and has a great reputation in South Boston.”

Other ingredients to Holt’s success as a realtor are sheer determination and hard work, and a desire to help others.

“I’m always working for my clients’ best interest to get them the results they deserve,” Holt said.

The Halifax County native enjoys having the opportunity to make a difference in the place he calls “home.”

“I like the feeling of being able to support people that I see on a daily basis – hometown, local folks,” Holt said. “I love South Boston. It’s home, and whatever I can do to make it a better place, I’m going to do it.”

Holt worked in Emergency Medical Services for several years before becoming a realtor. He continues to give back to the community by serving on the board of directors for the Halifax County Cancer Association and the Halifax County Humane Society. He is also a member of the Cantaloupe Festival Committee.

“I’ve always had a desire to help people and do for others,” Holt said. “What I try to do now is help the community as a whole.”

He offered some words of advice for young people in South Boston embarking on new careers.

“Even though we are a small town, no dream is too big. Use the small town to your advantage. Have connections with other professionals,” Holt said. “Never give up. Keep pushing forward.”

That’s what Holt plans to do as he continues to strive to meet his goals. Those goals include earning a broker’s license and one day owning his own real estate firm.

For Holt, the sky is the limit. As a child, he dreamed of becoming an airline pilot. Once he achieves his goals in the world of real estate, who knows what the future holds for the ambitious young professional.

Miranda Baines is a staff writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at

Miranda Baines is a staff writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at