At the heart of Southside Disposal, a locally owned and operated garbage collection service that operates throughout Halifax County, is the 15-year-old son of Shane and April Foushee, Cole.

He takes pride in his work, and it all started with a simple chore at home — taking the garbage outside.

With Cole facing significant hearing and vision loss, his parents began to think about his future, as he got older. They knew getting his driver’s license was going to be an obstacle.

“Our middle son Cole is a very special young man that has had to overcome may obstacles in his short time here on earth,” said Shane.

His parents often pondered starting a new business for him to be a part of. So when Brian Sheffer decided to sell his trash collection business, Sheffers Disposal, Shane knew he had found the right fit.

“Cole’s favorite chore at home is taking out the trash, so in the blink of an eye everything seemed to click and make perfect sense,” said Foushee.

Over the past few months, he has taken over the reigns remaining it, Southside Disposal.

The days when he’s able to get out and work the route alongside Cole have been “a blessing” for his father.

“Just to see a smile on his face. He gets up bright and early and is excited to take on the day. It’s a joy to be out there with him,” said Shane.

Cole takes pride in his work, and that all started at home.

All of his children have chores around the house, and they began to try to find things for Cole to help out with even at an early age. The Foushee family also has two daughters, 18-year-old Kendall and 4-year-old Kaylynn.

They noticed immediately how much pride Cole took into take out the trash often coming home from school and checking to see if the trash was full.

“I didn’t have to ask. He took pride in it. He always told us how proud he was to do it,” said Shane.

Cole, “very much a people person,” enjoys getting out on their weekly route that comes to homes and small businesses throughout Halifax County every Thursday and speaking with the customers.

Also working by Cole’s side is Charles Clardy, with whom Cole shares a “special bond.”

The duo enjoys the days when they get to tackle the trash route together.

“We are very fortunate to have Charles Clardy as a major part of our team as well,” said Shane, who added, “With school still not being back in-person five days a week, Cole is always enthusiastic about getting all of his schoolwork done early so he can have a chance to help with the weekly trash route.”  

Southside Disposal provides weekly garbage collection every Thursday to residential and small commercial customers that can be serviced with their 65-gallon trash carts.

With a recent uptick in customers, Shane also says they’re looking into expanding to picking up garbage two days a week.

In addition to their curbside/roadside trash pickup, they also offer back door pickup to customers who would rather leave their trashcans near their home.

“We have seen a bunch of customers take advantage of our backdoor pickup… because of the convenience of it,” said Shane.

He also said they’re exploring options for recycling.

Pricing for Southside Disposal’s services includes $25 a month for roadside weekly pick up for customers who choose to use their cans and $30 a month for those who choose to use Southside Disposal’s 64-gallon cans. Backdoor pickup is an additional $5 a month.

They also offer monthly, quarterly and annual payment options as well as senior citizen and military discounts.

“We have many affordable solutions to take your trash away for less than a dollar a day,” said Shane.

Southside Disposal is located at 4034 Cherry Hill Church Road in South Boston.

To sign-up for their services or to receive more information, call or text 434-517-1978, email or visit their Southside Disposal Facebook page.

Ashley Hodge is the editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at

Ashley Hodge is the editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact her at