The Virginia Department of Health reports another COVID-19 outbreak at a long-term care facility in the Southside Health District along with additional cases in Halifax and Mecklenburg counties.

Halifax County now has 22 cases of the severe respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus. Mecklenburg County increased to 122 cases.

Another outbreak is listed at a long-term care facility in the district that encompasses Halifax, Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties. The health department does not specify individual facilities in reporting. There are four total outbreaks for the Southside Health District; three are listed in long-term care facilities and one is a health care setting.

An outbreak is defined as two or more positive cases at one particular site.

Out of the 162 cases in the Southside Health District, 99 cases are associated with outbreaks, the health department reports. A total of 49 are health care workers.

In Virginia, there are 22,962 confirmed cases of COVID-19, an increase of 876 from Saturday. Additionally, there are 1,119 probable cases, meaning someone is showing the symptoms of the illness and had contact with a person who has tested positive for the coronavirus.

There are 839 deaths blamed on COVID-19 in Virginia. Ten of those deaths are in Mecklenburg County.

The online data is updated daily at about 9 a.m. and reflects preliminary information from 5 p.m. the previous day. Officials have noted there’s a lag in reporting, especially deaths.

The health department now breaks down the numbers by zip code. For South Boston, 10 cases are listed. A feature first announced more than a week ago, the site launched the zip code data Friday. However, the department notes numerous problems with zip code reporting.

“VDH has county data on every case and laboratory report, but we do not have ZIP code data on every record,” a note on the website states. “Because this field is not complete, the total number of cases and tests by ZIP code may not match the same total count by county.”

In addition, a zip code doesn’t mean a person lives in a locality. Someone with a South Boston zip code may live outside the town limits.

Other zip codes in Halifax County did not report a number of cases, only listing the field as “suppressed.” The town of Halifax is one of those zip codes.