Demographic breakdown

Here’s the Virginia Department of Health’s demographic data breakdown for the Southside Health District, an area that includes Halifax, Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties, as of Tuesday morning.

There were 40 active cases of COVID-19 in Halifax County as of Tuesday morning, based on a two-week time standard widely used by health officials to measure the impact of the illness.

The county logged 108 total cases when the Virginia Department of Health updated online data Tuesday, adding five cases since Sunday. All of those cases are confirmed by a lab test and reflect data received by 5 p.m. Monday.

While the department of health doesn’t track active cases in the online database, most health officials consider a two-week period to be the timeframe someone may exhibit symptoms of the illness that’s caused by the coronavirus.

The department lists five hospitalizations in Halifax County.

Danville, labeled by the health department as a surge area, recorded a third death on Monday. The Pittsylvania-Danville Health District has experienced a dramatic rise in cases recently. In a two-week period — the timeframe used to establish active cases — there have been 281 new cases reported in that district. As of Tuesday, the Pittsylvania-Danville area had 519 total cases of COVID-19.

Demographically speaking, the Southside Health District — consisting of Halifax, Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties — is experiencing slightly more cases in women than men. Of the 550 Southside cases on Tuesday, 300 cases were in women.

The 30-39 age bracket represents the largest group testing positive for the virus in the Southside district, according to demographic information from the Virginia Department of Health, with a total of 86 cases. The next group, with a total of 83, is people 80 and above.

Throughout the three counties, there are seven cases in children age 9 and under and 18 cases in the 10-19 age group.

In general throughout the state, cases are growing most rapidly in the 20-39 age groups. There are 156 cases in that age range in the Southside Health District.

After dropping in late June and earlier this month, the daily number of new cases is increasing in Virginia. In fact, for more than a week the state has logged at least 900 new cases a day. As a comparison, on Tuesday there were 996 new cases recorded. A month ago on June 22, there were 471 new daily cases.

Some of the increase is being driven by infections in the Hampton Roads regions and specifically beach areas. Local health department officials have pointed to vacations and general community spread for the increase in cases across Southern Virginia, where Henry County leads localities with 410 cases.

As the daily number of tests increase, so does the seven-day percent positive rate. That’s a measure of the overall number of tests compared with how many results are positive. Southside’s rate of 8.4% is higher than the state’s average of 7.7%. Both figures have nudged upward in the recent weeks. Simply put, even with more tests being administered, there’s a higher percent of those tests coming back positive.

As of Tuesday, there were 79,371 cases in Virginia and 2,048 deaths.