Halifax County added five new cases of COVID-19 in a two-day period, marking the largest jump so far.

Two new reports were added in Saturday morning’s data update by the Virginia Department of Health. Sunday morning’s update increased by three for a total of 37.

No new outbreaks were reported in the Southside Health District that comprises Halifax, Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties on Sunday and the figures associated with outbreaks remained steady even as new cases were added for Halifax County.

The local health district no longer provides details on individual new cases.

Pittsylvania County’s COVID-19 total increased by nine and now stands at 69. Danville also added two additional cases for a total of 65. Just like Southside, in that health district no new outbreaks were reported.

With no increases in outbreaks, the new cases are likely from community spread, according to previous statements by the health department.

While testing has increased overall in Virginia, the testing data for Southside Health District has remained steady over the last two weeks.

In Virginia, there were a total of 54,506 cases of the severe respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus on Sunday morning, an increase of 637. Those numbers include probable cases, meaning someone is showing signs of COVID-19 and had contact with a person who’s tested positive.

There are 1,546 deaths attributed to the illness in Virginia. No additional deaths were reported in recent days across Southern Virginia.



Halifax County: 37        

Mecklenburg County: 226      

Danville: 65       

Pittsylvania County: 69        

Henry County: 199      

Martinsville: 54     



Halifax County: 1

Mecklenburg County: 24 

Danville: 2

Pittsylvania County: 1

Henry County: 3

Martinsville: 1