Winning Others to Christ

If we’re going to win the world for Christ,

There are some things we should strive to do.

We should seek to be good followers of His

As this job of discipleship we begin to pursue.


We should pray that God will help us to

Forgive others as we’ve been forgiven by Him.

We’re to let them know about God’s love

And that He wants to forgive and save them.


We should have an unstoppable faith in God

And use the talents he’s given us to use.

When we’re discouraged He’s there to help us.

Following His plan, we should always choose.

—Barbara Stevens, South Boston


Up and Downs

We all have to deal with the ups and the downs of everyday living.

We all enjoy “ups” more.

We feel happy, excited, proud and peaceful.

The “downs” at first glance are sad, worried not knowing what to do feelings.

But if you noticed, there is always someone to share your “downs”

A friend, family members, repairman, doctors, whatever you need.

So “downs” are no fun.

But someone is there to pull us up.

As Jesus is the leader of our help.

—Pat Roberts, South Boston



Daisy, you are my flower of long, long ago.

I was a slip of a girl, the fields were white with your daises, white as snow.

We wandered hand in hand across the meadow wide,

Thru sun and shadow, as in life,

Always side-by-side.

I would settle for nothing less

But the wonderful, glorious best.

You stayed with me and made my life

The happiest and most blessed.

—Julia Carrington, South Boston


Micro Verse

Happy New Year micro poets,

Haiku masters of the world

With little words unfurled.

—Shirley Saterfield, South Boston