Halifax County added six new cases of COVID-19 since Sunday’s data report by the Virginia Department of Health.

In a span of two weeks, the county added 36 cases of the illness that’s caused by the coronavirus. On June 30, there were 53 cases. As of Tuesday, the caseload was at 89.

Officials generally use a two-week timeframe to estimate active cases, even though the department of health doesn’t provide details on recoveries or active cases. Using that metric, there are about 36 active cases in Halifax County.

Five patients are listed as hospitalized, according to Tuesday’s online data report.

Across the state, there were 72,443 cases of COVID-19 reported Tuesday, a daily increase of 801 from Monday’s total.

The health department includes in those figures what it classifies as probable cases — where someone is showing signs of the illness and had contact with someone else who’s tested positive.

All of the cases in the Southside Health District that includes Halifax, Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties, are confirmed by a lab test, according to health department data.