Halifax County recorded its largest single-day increase of COVID-19 cases on Wednesday.

The Virginia Department of Health reports 14 new cases of the illness caused by the coronavirus for Halifax County in a Wednesday morning online data update bringing the total to 257.

This comes after an 11-case spike on Saturday.

The county has added 43 new cases in a one-week period.

The Southside Health District — an area that includes Halifax, Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties — also added two new outbreaks in congregate settings, which can be anything from businesses to day care facilities. Online data does not specify which locality has the outbreaks.

There are 441 cases associated with 14 outbreaks across the local health district. That’s an increase of 20 cases in Wednesday’s report.

The Southside Health District is in a slow growth phase, meaning there is sustained growth in cases, according to Friday’s update from the University of Virginia’s COVID-19 model. Previously the COVID-19 model only classified areas as being in a surge.

Halifax County’s death toll from COVID-19 doubled over the weekend to four.