Halifax County High School senior William Davis recently committed to play college football at Virginia Union University in Richmond.

Before Davis even had an opportunity to have his signing ceremony, school closed and so did one of his favorite places, the YMCA.

Davis was a running back and safety for the Comets football team and was recruited to play safety at Virginia Union University.

Davis is in the same situation many senior athletes are in around the country. They are getting ready to play college sports, but everything they have been doing to prepare has changed. Davis spent nearly every day at the South Boston YMCA lifting weights and putting on muscle so that he can be ready to go when fall camp starts at Virginia Union.

Several weeks ago the YMCA closed as well as all of the other gyms across the country due to the coronavirus. Davis had to improvise and find other ways to continue to prepare for college football.

“My dad has a little mini gym in his shed that I work out in,” Davis said. That gym may not include everything that the YMCA does, but it has what Davis needs for now.

In addition to working out in the shed, Davis does push ups and goes to run at the track as well to keep up his cardio.

His coaches at Virginia Union have reached out to him and told him to be safe as well as to stay in shape, eat healthy and most importantly to stay on top of his paperwork the NCAA needs to make sure Davis is eligible in the fall.

This situation is unprecedented, and it is also tough for these student athletes who would normally have assistance from coaches at the school or from guidance counselors to help make sure all of the paperwork is in order.

This also includes scholarships Davis said he has applied for.

“It is a lot of work especially with school being canceled,” Davis said. He also mentioned that with the scholarships it is a waiting game, because he isn’t sure when he will be notified whether he was awarded the ones he applied for or not.

On top of the workouts, school work and paperwork, Davis is working at one of the busiest places to work at during this time, a grocery store. Davis works at Food Lion stocking shelves to make sure people have everything they need. All the lifting he has been doing at Food Lion is helping him build muscle.

Davis is scheduled to leave for college at the end of July to begin fall football camp at Virginia Union. At this time everything is still going on as scheduled for college football season, but that of course all depends on if the coronavirus situation is under control by the time practice is scheduled to begin.

For Davis and all of the high school seniors who are going on to play college sports in the fall, they are in the unique situation of having to take on many different tasks basically on their own. Conducting their own workouts, making sure they maintain a healthy diet, making sure all of their paperwork is completed and correct for the NCAA, working on scholarships and finishing their high school career at home.

Johnathan Kirland is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him jkirkland@gazettevirginian.com. Follow him on Twitter @JohnathanK_GV