Halifax County Little Theatre is holding auditions at The Prizery for their February show next Sunday and Monday for “Ruby: The Story of Ruby Bridges.” Director Taryn Garland (pictured at right) and musical director Raymond Crawley will be looking for all ages of citizens of all races to portray the people involved in the moving story on one little girl who helped changed the world.

Bringing history to life, Halifax County Little Theatre will be holding auditions for the upcoming play, “Ruby: The Story of Ruby Bridges,” directed by Taryn Garland and musically directed by Raymond Crawley. 

Bridging the gap from the past to the present, this play is inspired by the experiences of Ruby Bridges and hopes to shed light on not only the African American history, but the history of our nation.

Ruby Bridges was only 6 years old when the Civil Rights movement came hammering at her door, making her the first black child to attend an all-white elementary school in New Orleans in 1960.  She had to deal with protestors jeering and threatening her life, as she walked to school while being escorted by federal marshals.

This play, paired with some musical selections, explores a little girl’s unbeatable courage in the face of adversity.

HCLT will be looking for a variety of children and adults, ages 7 through senior adults. Little Theatre needs a mixture of genders and races, as they are looking for Ruby and the Bridges’ family, Ruby’s teacher, federal marshals, various students and townspeople.

While most of the show is a play, there are some singing parts — some solo and some group singing. For auditions, be prepared to read some sections from the script as well as singing a song if interested in a featured role. 

Auditions will be held at The Prizery from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday and from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday.

Ruby Bridges was a trailblazer of her time who integrated schools and set the tone for future generations to come, building bridges of love, bridges to heal and bridges to educate.

Halifax County Little Theatre is proud to introduce their next show, “Ruby: The Story of Ruby Bridges,” set to run in late February.

The public is invited to come help make this show a community event that everyone is proud to produce together.