Portraying HCLT’s “Frozen Jr’s” Snow Chorus is a powerful group of talented young ladies with a lot of experience for their young years. The popular musical opens Nov. 22 for six public performances. Participating in the chorus are (front row) Brooke Mosher and Halle Beadles; (middle row) Rilee Daniels, Peyton Murray and Lilly Beatty; and (back row) Zara Williams and Victoria Montes-Bradley. Call 434-572-8339 for tickets or go to

Since it is finally feeling much chillier in the mornings, a Snow Chorus doesn’t sound so bizarre, and Halifax County Little Theatre’s Snow Chorus for the upcoming “Disney Frozen, Jr.” is as American as apple pie. The seven girls who compile the Snow Chorus are hardworking, talented young ladies with diverse interests.

This magical Snow Chorus is brought to life by Halle Beadles, Lilly Beatty, Rilee Daniels, Victoria Montes-Bradley, Brooke Mosher, Peyton Murray and Zara Williams. These girls range in age from 11 to 15.

The Snow Chorus is the embodiment of Elsa’s ice powers. As she sings some of her signature songs, they are singing backup and dancing with her, the living power of her magic. Just as they are assisting Elsa on stage, these ladies help to represent the themes of the show.

Brooke Mosher said, “I think one of the themes of the show is that love is stronger than fear.”

In addition to being in the Snow Chorus, Mosher also is portraying Elsa’s mother, Queen Iduna. Mosher has been involved with HCLT for several years now and loves being with her friends in doing something they feel passionate about.

In addition, Mosher is on the Halifax County Middle School ACE team and helps with the children’s ministry at her church and assists in the church nursery.

One of the newcomers to HCLT is Lilly Beatty, 11, who while new to the area and HCLT, has been a part of other theatre groups where she lived previously, including Goochland High School Drama Department and Drama Kids. Beatty also portrays the middle-aged Elsa and is in other group parts in the show as well.

Beatty’s mother, Jamie Beatty, is the choreographer of the show, and Lilly enjoys practicing with her mother and getting to be in the show. Like her mother, she is very involved in dance - taking tap, ballet and lyrical dance - but she also plays volleyball and is involved in church activities too.

Another 11-year-old is Zara Williams, who joined the show because she wanted to meet people and make new friends. Williams was in HCLT’s “The Lion King, Jr” two years ago and enjoyed that, so she wanted to try acting again. In her free time, she takes jazz and advanced acrobatics and is involved with the HCMS’s FFA.

Peyton Murray, 13, also portrays additional roles in the show and likes to sing and express herself. She is on the HCMS golf team in her free time. She has been seen previously on stage in both “The Lion King, Jr.” and last winter’s “Seussical.”

Another regular face on the stage is Victoria Montes-Bradley, who has been active in HCLT and The Prizery’s theatre shows. She portrayed Helen Keller two years ago and was in “Mary Poppins” last summer. In addition, she has been in several HCLT shows, most recently “Seussical,” and she has participated in the competition drama team at HCHS for the past two years.

Montes-Bradley is currently a JV cheerleader at HCHS and is quite advanced in her singing and dancing skills, in addition to being a quality actress.

Halle Beadles is another performer who has been involved for several years. Audiences might remember Beadles portraying the evil Scar in “Lion King, Jr” a few years ago and then changing her persona to being a cute Bird Girl in “Seussical” last year. She has a powerful voice which is an asset in any musical.

Finally, the last Snow Chorus member is the multi-talented Rilee Daniels, a 15-year-old Halifax Christian School sophomore. Daniels is involved with soccer, volleyball and basketball at school and likes to sing and be on stage and make people laugh.

She has been involved previously in numerous shows with HCLT, including “A Christmas Carol,” Miracle on 34th Street,” “The Lion King, Jr.” and “Seussical,” as well as several Prizery shows. Daniels says she is really excited for the show to start and thinks one of the themes of the show is that you can “always rely on family.” Daniels has a powerful singing voice and can always be counted on to throw herself into her performances.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see these talented young ladies in “Frozen, JR,” which runs from Nov. 22 through Dec. 1 for six public performances. Tickets will go fast, so book those tickets up as soon as possible by calling The Prizery at 434-572-8339 or going online at

One can also buy into HCLT’s entire season currently, which saves money. In February, they are performing “Ruby: The Ruby Bridges Story,” about the brave little girl in 1960 in New Orleans who integrated the public schools all by herself in a room alone with her teacher for an entire year.

Then, in April, HCLT will produce “Second Samuel,” a clever comedy about a Southern town in the late 1940s who has a few surprises to reveal. The audience will love learning the truth and watching the reactions of the townspeople.

Season brochures are available at The Prizery, both public libraries and Southern Plenty. Or call 434-470-0980 to have one mailed. But plan to be a part of HCLT’s new season, “Take a Risk!”