Halifax County High School drama instructor Devin Hall receives a donation from Angela Townes-Yancey, managing director of The Prizery.

The Prizery sponsored and hosted “Once Upon A Teen” in the spring written by Lillian Savage, a 2019 Halifax graduate.

Angela Townes-Yancey, the managing director or The Prizery, marketed and promoted the play/musical because of her passion for the purpose of the production.

“Basically, life is not as easy as you think it is as you grow up. Teens face many issues today that a lot of us did not have to face years and decades ago,” Townes-Yancey said.

It touched close to home, she said, after working with youth all of her adult hood.

Tickets were not sold. Instead, organizers asked for a donation of $5 to take care of the overhead.

In return, they decided to give a donation to the drama department at Halifax County High School.

“If you don’t plant a seed. You can’t expect anything to grow,” Townes-Yancey said.