Even though uncertainty still surrounds groups events, Halifax County Cancer Association director Sharon Blosser says plans are continuing for the 16th annual Walk for Hope to be held Saturday Sept. 19 at Halifax County High School football field.

Family members of the late Herman O. Lewis Sr. — daughter Ann Moser and grandson Todd Moser — recently received the first two copies of the book “New Bridge on Oak Level Road,” written by retired principal Michael R. Wilborne of South Boston.

The Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation (SVHEF) has announced that it will host a home-based Hats & Horses fundraiser, Kentucky Derby style, on Saturday, Sept. 5 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. via Zoom.

The Halifax Volunteer Fire Department will have its 19th annual Catfish Tournament Saturday at Staunton River State Park Picnic Shelter No. 2.

Mary Lloyd submitted these photos of a group cooling off in the water at Henry’s Mill. How are you beating the heat this summer? Send your photos to ahodge@gazettevirginian.com.

Autumn Davis and Mason Taylor were the winners of the children’s bicycles given away during the Halifax Farmers Market Season Opening event on July 18. Market vendor and photographer Peter Bednarz donated the bicycles. Denise Barksdale, assistant manager of the town of Halifax, reminds the p…

Fall gardening or second plantings prolong the growing season, and you can reap a lot more from your garden even after the peak summer season.

They might not be real life super heroes, but their good deeds are making the Sinai community a better place. They’re the Men of Sinai, and you can’t miss them walking around wearing their T-shirts with a Superman logo on them, performing acts of service from mentoring the youth to helping e…

When Devin Hall was a young Scottsburg baseball player, he would refer to his baseball uniform as a costume. That’s when his mother knew he wouldn’t excel in sports, but had an interest in theatre.

Q: When my 2-year-old gets angry, he sometimes gets down and bangs his head on the floor. This happens two or three times a week, generally speaking. He’s not bruised himself, yet, but I don’t know how long that’s going to last. To make matters worse, I’ve made the mistake of reading about v…

The Jane Jones Food Pantry of Main Street United Methodist Church has received $2,500 from the Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation just in time to help feed local neighbors.

This year women in America celebrate 100 years of the “Right to Vote.” (Much of this article is a reprint of one written by the editor in Bulletin 11.)

The difference between dedicated gardeners and those who plant bedding plants every spring and call it a garden is knowledge.

I have long maintained the significant per-capita increase in child and adolescent mental health problems since the 1960s — a 10-fold increase in suicide, for example — is due to the collective embrace of a parenting paradigm that has proven itself to be not only dysfunctional but also dange…

I’ve heard people say that they don’t care much for native plants because they lack color. Some don’t have that beautiful color, but many do have color and feed many of our pollinators. I am going to discuss five that I have in my garden.

QUESTION: Our son, age 8, has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. His IQ is well above average, but his actual performance in the classroom is problematic. He has difficulty paying attention and finishing his work. We got him a tutor — an older retired teacher — this year. He wor…

I have many herbs, native perennials, daylilies and roses in my garden, but to be perfectly honest, I have world-class weeds.

Choosing quality gardening tools are an investment that saves you money in the long run. These tools will last for years and years with the proper sharpening methods and lubrication.