Halifax Jaycees

The Halifax Jaycees meet in August 1990 to make final preparations for a “Pig Pickin” that they will stage Saturday. Aug. 11, from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. at the Firemen’s Shed located at the fire training grounds adjacent to the Halifax County Junior High School campus. Among the Jaycee members who attended the final planning session are (front row from left) Darlene Carr, management vice president; Gwen Ragland, community development vice president; and Julia Oliver, state director; (back row from left) Vivian Fountain, individual development vice president; Detra Carr, chairman of the board of directors; William Haley, membership vice president; Alender Sydnor, treasurer; Jaycee member, Robert Tune; and Jean Carrington, Jaycee president.

20 Years Ago | 1999

Extremely dry weather conditions have crops withering in the fields, irrigation ponds turning into mere puddles and large Southside lakes beginning to resemble wetland swamps. Already, the John H. Kerr Reservoir (Buggs Island Lake) is nearly five feet below its normal level of 295.5 feet, mean sea level for this time of year, and if the dry weather continues, things will only get worse.

 County officials plan to increase the size of the Halifax County Animal Shelter and already have changed shelter general operation procedures. Two major changes at the shelter involve an impoundment area for South Boston cats and dogs brought to the shelter. Also a fenced area with both shade and shelter for animals will be constructed as a drop-off zone for animals after shelter hours, rather than a receiving box that has been used, explained Halifax County Administrator Dan Sleeper this week.

• South Boston driver Ward Burton and team sponsor Caterpillar both inked a three-year agreement with team owner Bill Davis last week, making it the longest reaching solid agreement for a driver or sponsor in NASCAR Winston Cup Series racing. Burton responded with a strong sixth place finish at the Brickyard 400 at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

40 Years Ago | 1979

 Virgilina High School classes spanning two decades held their annual reunion Saturday evening. The old high school closed with the class of 1953. Some of the graduates of the 1930s and 40s who attended the reunion included John Harrell Hite, Geraldine S. Hite, Maude M. Hite, Page L. Hite, Ruby Gupton Overby, Marvin Overby, Allie Wilson, Virginia Gupton Wilson, Lloyd T. Hall Jr., Rebecca Humphries Hall, Janice Humphries Frazier, Ralph Jones, Alice Humphries Parker, Arthur L. Parker, Henry A. Trent, Virginia Tuck Trent, Dorothy Sheppard Tuck, William Haskins Tuck, Marie Frazier, Thaxton Frazier, Eugene Gupton Jr., Estelle Cole Gupton, Tiny Lowery, Paul Lowery, Virginia Tuck Blanks, Mary Loftis Murray, Woodrow Murray, Marie Stevens Hudson, Robert S. Hudson, Charlotte H. Smith,  Elmo Smith, Mallie Bet Murray Loftis, Blanche Thomas Fuller, Joe Stevens, Annie Sue Morris Stevens, Tiny Bray, Lucy Bray, Nell L. Bowen, Garland Bowen, Hannah Murray Hite, Henry Hite, Lillian Tuck Straun, Victoria Tuck Yancey, Ann Murray, John C. Murray, Martha Boyd Murray, Ealie Murray, Morris Daniel, Virginia Whitmore Daniel, Joe Bachling, Robbie Whitmore Bachling, William E. Gupton, Anita Gupton, Kilby Hite, Doris Hite, T. Fenton Clark, Louise Atkins Clark, Maude Atkins Clark, Lois Tuck Long, Marguerite Daniel, Edith P. Atkins and Fenton Atkins.

 A wide area around Riverdale and the surrounding area was without power for an hour and 55 minutes Sunday night as a burned out underground circuit at Vepco’s substation knocked out power to 1,800 customers. Norman J. Bates, Vepco district manager, said the power failure came as a result of the severe lightning which had accompanied a series of severe thunderstorm that swept South Boston-Halifax County. Bates said that the underground circuit at the substation located on Route 58 near the Westinghouse plant had apparently been damaged by the lightning and finally burned out Sunday night.

• Leon H. Carter became the first ever non-journalism major today to be appointed as the sports editor of the student newspaper (Spartan Echo) at Norfolk State University for the academic year 1979-80. Carter, a junior majoring in mass communications with emphasis in journalism at NSU, was appointed by Winford Wright, editor-in-chief.

60 Years Ago | 1959

 It’s tobacco curing time again in Halifax County as local farmers prepare for the Sept. 8 opening of the Old Belt Tobacco Market. Bob Mullikin and daughter, Bobbie, were busy tying and stringing tobacco for one his first curings. Local farmers report that first curings were not up to par this year. Tobacco is thin, and quite a bit of the lower primings are dying during curing.

 The annexation pot began boiling again this week for residents of the Hillcrest Garden section when a local real estate firm went before the town council asking annexation if a petition from the residents was brought before them. Jordan Sizemore, president of Fry, Jordan and Wilson, indicated to council that he thought a petition could be brought before them. Council remained passive about the issue. The real estate and insurance firm owns property in the Hillcrest section. Annexation would speed development and ease the way for installation of water and sewage lines.

 In the ad department: Smith’s Sales and Service was advertising a Frigidaire 10.8 cubic foot refrigerator with big 61-pound freezer chest and 16.2 square foot of shelf space for $194.95. Vernon’s Radio and TV Service was advertising a Hotpoint automatic washer for $289. Colonial Stores was advertising bacon for 49 cents a pound and pink salmon for 39 cents for a tall can. Jimmy Shelton Company of Halifax was advertising the Lark by Studebaker that gets an amazing 22.28 miles per gallon.