Project IDEA

These fifth grade Project IDEA students completed a project with the residents of The Woodview in June 1991 on their past life experiences. The 27 students prepared questions and then were assigned partners with which to interact.

20 Years Ago | 1999

It wasn’t the “Wizard of Oz,” but it was every bit as whimsical this week as the new community center flew through the air landing in place at the YMCA. Instead of a yellow brick road, a yellow crane led the way swinging the modular center’s pieces in place as rain began pelting workmen Wednesday afternoon. The approximately 2,000 square foot modular home, donated to the YMCA by Bret and Dorothy Berneche, owners of Cardinal Homes, is to be used as an education and activity center.

• The Prizery project has tentatively been awarded $400,000 through Federal TEA21 funding, Community Arts Center Foundation officials were notified this week. Previously, The Prizery has received two grants, one for $75,000 and the other for $400,000, bringing the new total to $875,000.

• Julie Burton will face the biggest challenge of her athletic career when she competes in her first national competition in early August in the State Games of America. Burton, who graduated from Halifax County High School a little over a week ago, will compete in cross country in the national event that will be held Aug. 6-9 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Nathalie area resident was named the 1998 Female Athlete of the Year at last summer’s Commonwealth Games in Roanoke where she finished third in cross country in the 15-19-year-old age group and seventh place overall in cross country.


40 Years Ago | 1979

• Clover residents will decide tomorrow whether the town should build a proposed $717,000 central sewage system. Polls will open at 6 a.m. for a referendum that, if passed, allows town council to borrow $$350,000 from the Farmers Home Administration to complete the project. The town already has been promised $407,000 in outright grants from the FmHA and the Coastal Plains Commission.

• The student body at Halifax County Academy scored in the 84th percentile in the school’s annual spring achievement testing program, it was announced today. The national average is the 50th percentile. 

• The World Tag Team Title will be at stake Monday at Halifax County Senior High School football stadium. The champs Paul Jones and Baron Von Rashke will defend their title against a formidable new tag team of “Tony Atlas and Rufus “Freight Train” Jones, and this should be a battle to see as at one time or another Paul Jones used to wrestle with Rufus and Tony Atlas as partners, but now they will on opposite sides.


60 Years Ago | 1959

• A super-charged blast of dynamite rocked Virgilina early Tuesday and sent tons of rock and debris showering over a wide area. No one was injured, but property damage was sizable. The blast was set off by workers on the Atlantic and Danville railway roadway to dislodge heavy rock deposits in the way of lowering the road bed several feet for subsequent lowering of the Route 96 overhead bridge. Rocks up to 100 pounds were hurled hundreds of feet. A 39-pound rock from the blast crashed through the roof of the Virgilina Post Office and onto a mail-sorting table. It narrowly missed Mrs. Reams Long, postmistress.

• Another block of Noblin Avenue has been opened up to traffic in a long delayed project to someday relieve heavily congested Wilborn Avenue of some of the north-south traffic load. City street forces have completed grading of the last unopened block of Noblin between McKinney Street near the fairgrounds and Ragland Street. 

• In the ad department: H. Mason Sizemore was seeking votes for clerk of circuit court in the July 14, 1959 Democratic Primary. South Boston Speedway was advertising modified and jalopy stock car racing every Saturday night with a $1 admission for adults, and children get in for 50 cents. Leggett’s Department Store was advertising platform rockers just for dad in colors green, grey, beige, brown and red for $29.95. Colonial Stores on Wilborn Avenue was advertising picnics for 29 cents a pound, bacon for 59 cents a pound, two cantaloupes for 39 cents and a five-pound bag of sugar for 39 cents.