Head Start graduation

It was graduation from Head Start back in June 1991 and on to kindergarten for over 80 Head Start students. The graduation was held at the Halifax County Community Action Agency.

20 Years Ago | 1999

Halifax Town Council voted Tuesday night to begin annexation proceedings which will take its boundaries to the South Boston line in the Centerville area, incorporate Salishan and Golf Course Road communities, include the Burlington plant and extend the town boundary up Mountain Road. The proposed boundary adjustment action was unanimous.

• Work on a new 22” raw water intake line for South Boston is almost complete and while a final connection was made on June 3, 1999, all withdrawals from the Dan River ceased for almost five hours. Cost of the project is approximately $900,000 and includes the installation of a standby emergency electrical power supply. Once completed a new and reliable raw water source will assure South Boston water customers of ample supplies even during extremely dry weather.

• Individual soccer awards for the Halifax County High School girls teams went to Nora Lee, most improved; Jessica Rose, coach’s award; Kendra Durling, MVP; and Rebecca Barker, team spirit award. Jayvee awards went to Jennifer Davis, coach’s award; Rebecca Gupton, team spirit award; Wanda Walker, golden gloves award; Lindsey Cole, most improved; and Christina Manning, MVP. 

40 Years Ago | 1979

• A total of 24 former members of Company F, South Boston’s World War II unit of the 116th Infantry, were at ceremonies honoring the unit and unveiling a monument at the South Boston Fire Station Saturday, June 2, 1979. Participating in the unveiling were Sam H. Burton, Capt. Walter R. Wilborn, Harry J. Weatherford, Ned J. Allred, James H. Adams, Warner H. Hamlett, Henry L. Myers, Major Charles A. Penick Jr., John W. Thaxton Jr., Melvin S. Bass, Charles M. Stevens, Col. Marvin C. Hillsman, Col. Charles Cawthorn, Alfred C. Emerson, Ronald O. Clark, Orlando T. Grimes, W. C. Anderson Jr., R. Lancing Ferrell, Capt. Carl H. Russell, Mervin L. Matze, Jerry G. Betterton, Allen L. Moorefield, Killis W. (Buck) Thaxton and Moses Dunkley.

• Lonnie Moore, recipient of the Tuck Dillard Award, Steve Bandy, winner of the T. C. Watkins Award, and Amanda Farmer, recipient of the Tuesday Woman’s Club Ladies Athletic Award were named most athletic seniors in the 1979 graduating class for their active participation in the school sports program.

• The monsoon-like rains that swamped Southside Virginia yesterday morning, afternoon and night also did a neat hatchet job on the annual Greens Folly Member-Guest Golf Tournament. Left with no alternative due to the weather, tourney organizers had no other choice but to match cards, and out of that maneuver Jack Thomasson and Gerald Curry came out the winners. 

60 Years Ago | 1959

• Commencement finals opened at Halifax County High School Tuesday night with 201 candidates for diplomas, their parents and others hearing the traditional exercises and witnessing distribution of senior awards. Among the top awards presented were the C. A. McKinney Medal presented by Don P. Bagwell to Teddy Bennett. The T. C. Watkins athletic trophy was won by Hugh Colvin for his career in football, baseball, basketball and track. Emmy Lee Mason and John Logan Young were named winners of the Danford Award and Certificate. Brown Carpenter won the Junior Chamber of Commerce Award presented by Tommy L. Haynes.

• Last night’s severe electrical storm lashed some sections of the county with hail, high winds and torrential rains and left light to medium damage to crops where its full fury was spent. Apparently bearing the brunt of the storm was the southwest section of the county where the storm swept in from Semora, North Carolina, and left tobacco beaten into the ground by a heavy hail fall and heavier rains.

• In the ad department: Kane Furniture store on North Main Street in South Boston had two aluminum folding chairs for $8.88 and a 7 piece modern dinette set for $39.95. E. J. Wyatt’s price busting Chevrolet rodeo featured Chevy’s roomy, rugged station wagon handling cargo over 10 feet long with more room than a chuck wagon. A 1959 two-door Biscayne with brand new heater and deluxe equipment was selling for $1,995. Vernon’s Radio and TV Service on Wilborn Avenue in South Boston was advertising a new Hotpoint refrigerator-freezer at the price of a refrigerator alone in a big 10.9 cubic foot size for only $2.50 a week with liberal trade-in. Boston Motor Co., Inc. located on Broad and Charles Streets in South Boston was advertising a 1959 Dodge Silver Challenger for $2530.50.

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