Cholesterol screening

Cholesterol screening at the Health Fair in November of 1989 was popular as hundreds took advantage of the $5 test. A steady stream of people were on hand much of the day getting medical advice and health information.

10 YEARS AGO | 2011 

  • The fate of local post offices across the state looms as hearings were held this week on the potential closing of Lynchburg’s and Roanoke’s mail-processing facilities. In the event of their closings, mail processing may be moved to a postal facility in Greensboro, North Carolina. The U.S. Postal service announced Tuesday a $5.1 billion loss for the year. However, that loss would have been substantially more if Congress hadn’t passed the legislation that postponed a congressionally mandated payment of $5.5 million to pre-fund retiree health benefits. “We are not talking about closing, we are talking about moving the facility, possibly from Lynchburg to Greensboro. If it happens, the front, which everyone knows as the post office will remain open,” said U.S. Postal Service spokesperson Cathy Yarosky. According to Yarosky, the move of the facility will impact 28 jobs, and that number will change as the year progresses. 
  • Halifax County students are reaping the benefits of a pilot program that began last year with Verizon, and now school officials are hoping to receive additional grant money to purchase more Samsung Galaxy Tablets. Last school year 15 Samsung Galaxy Tablets were placed at the middle school in an Algebra I class through a pilot program with Verizon, 14 for the students and one for the teacher. After receiving feedback from Verizon that it was a “very positive project,” the school system purchased 50 more over the summer, so more students can benefit from using these tablets. Currently 30 tablets have been distributed throughout the seven elementary schools that are being used in the fifth grade early gifted math program. The remaining tablets have been distributed to all the principals in the schools for walk-through evaluations, according to Executive Director of Instruction Dr. Melanie Stanley.
  • Student-athletes from 10 different Halifax County High School fall sports teams were honored Tuesday at the annual sports awards banquet held at the high school. A total of 125 student- athletes were named to the Western Valley District All- Academic Team during the banquet, including 28 members of the Comets’ cross-country team.  A total of 22 members of the varsity cheerleading squad made the Western Valley District All-Academic Team, which also includes 20 members of the varsity football team, 12 members of the ninth grade football team, 11 members of the jayvee cheerleading squad, and 11 members of the golf team. The Western Valley District Western Valley District All-Academic team also includes nine members of the jayvee football team, eight members of the varsity volleyball team and four members of the jayvee volleyball team.  

20 YEARS AGO | 2001 

  • A startling historical discovery was made yesterday in Halifax County when a 176-year-old headstone was hacked out of the base of a cedar tree. The discovery took place in the Terry’s family cemetery on Terry’s Bridge Road. The Berryman Green Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution chose as one of their projects to have the gravestone in their namesake restored. Gen. Berryman Green is a local patriot who fought in the Light Dragoons during the Revolutionary War. He lived from 1754-1825. “There was a cedar tree nearby, and the roots had grown around the stone,” said Barbara Johnson of the DAR. In cutting down the tree they discovered Green’s originally headstone, with ‘B.G. Green’ still visible. 
  • Struggling with heavy debt and increased competition from Asian markets, Burlington Industries filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Thursday but the action will not affect the Halifax plant, a Burlington spokesperson said yesterday. “It is business as usual,” said Anita-Marie Hill. “This will allow us to restructure out debt. Employees need to go to work tomorrow because they have a job.” The Halifax plant employs approximately 700. Hill also said that the Chapter 11 restructuring would not impact Burlington’s plant in Clarksville. “Adjustments that had already been announced will go forward,” she said. Last week the Clarksville plant announced that 50 to 60 jobs would be cut effective Dec. 6. 
  • Gordon Pirkle couldn’t immediately come to the phone to answer a reporter’s questions. The owner of Dawsonville Pool Room in north Georgia was busy doing another interview. A victory Sunday by hometown NASCAR driver Bill Elliott – his first in more than seven years – kept Pirkle busy. He spent much of Sunday and Monday ringing the pool room’s bell, a tradition that began with Elliott’s first victory, in 1983. “The phone’s rung off the hook,” Pirkle said. A standing-room only crowd of about 100 people watched the end of the race on the pool room TV. Fans trickled in as the race at Homestead-Miami Speedway neared conclusion, with Elliott passing teammate Casey Atwood with give laps to go. “I didn’t really look at him as my teammate,” Elliott said. ‘It was just another obstacle between me and the win.” When Elliott took the checkered flag, Pirkle ran outside to do his duty. “I rang that bell for about 30 minutes,” he said. “I bet dogs all around town were howling with it.” It’s been a long road back to victory lane for Elliott, NASCAR’s most popular driver a record 15 times.  

40 YEARS AGO | 1981  

  • Grading will probably begin this week at the Centerville site of the new $4.5 million Community Hospital long-term care facility, it was learned last night. The Department of Housing and Urban Development informed hospital officials Friday afternoon that it was prepared to guarantee 90% of the loan for the facility, and that will enable the hospital to begin construction almost immediately, the chairman of the hospital’s building committee said yesterday. Roy B. Davis Jr. said that HUD would guarantee “a little over $4 million” and private financing has been arranged for the nearly $500,000 more the hospital needs. The site is located to the rear of the Centerville Shopping Center. 
  • The fate of the old Halifax County Junior High School building has been debated in many quarters on many occasions over the past few years but still it lies unresolved. And, unfortunately, neither the building’s owner, the county school board; nor the board of supervisors, are any closer to reaching a solution than they were then. Many years a go the building served as the Mary M. Bethune High School and in more recent times, it has served as the Halifax County Junior High School. Presently, the building stands dark, vacated and seldom used just as it has been for the past few years. According to Halifax County School Superintendent Udy C. Wood, the building is deteriorating from non-use and non-maintenance, and has been “heavily vandalized.” The only part of the old junior high school campus that is said to be used on a regular basis is the old vocational building, which is being used by the Southfax Sheltered Workshop, the county school system’s alternative education program and as an education center for the regional juvenile crime center. 
  • The Bears are the champions of the city division of the peewee football league. They are Leroy Hicks, E. J. Hamlin, Greg White, Buddy Roark, Dechez Edmonds, Stanwood Wells, Reed Edwards, Todd Bowman, Jody Franklin, Jason McCormick, Jason Ramsey, Jackie Satterfield, Jamie Shaver, assistant coach Joe Barkley, Shane Thomas, Leander Dance, Dossie Barkley, Ron Brade, Kelvin Traynham, Dwight Gray and head coach Dick Stoneman. 

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