Headstart King and Queen

Headstart King and Queen Damarcus Stovall and Asia Waller are surrounded by members of their court including (from left) Chantel Dunn, third, La Sha Featherson, second, Waller, Stovall, Ricardo Moreno and Blaine Key, tied for second. Not pictured are Antuan Lipscomb, third. The event helped Head Start raise $2,800.

20 Years Ago | 1999

A developing technology designed to make smoking safer could provide the tobacco industry a port in a growing storm of controversy. Star Scientific, Inc., formerly Star Tobacco and Pharmaceuticals, Inc., based in Petersburg, has been working for nearly a decade to perfect a process that essentially prevents or retards the formation of certain toxic carcinogens present in tobacco and tobacco smoke, namely the tobacco specific nitrosamines.

• Halifax Regional Health System plans to break ground for its 50,000-square foot nursing home in Clarksville next week. The projected opening date for the 120-bed facility is scheduled for November 2000.

• Halifax County High School JV football coach Jerry Smith and his coaching staff presented post-season awards Tuesday at the team’s awards banquet. Players receiving awards were Ernest Coleman who was named as the recipient of the Outstanding Defensive Player Award, Alonzo Coleman who received the Outstanding Offensive Player Award and Karl Staten who received the Most Valuable Player Award. 

45 Years Ago | 1974

• Mason Sizemore, who has been court clerk for the past 20 years in Halifax County, announced he will retire the end of this year after 37 years of service to the county. He served as deputy clerk for 17 years before being appointed clerk.

• The warehouse designation tobacco marketing system, acclaimed a success by growers, warehousemen and the tobacco industry alike, will continue next year with only slight modifications, said Roy B. Davis, Virginia’s tobacco marketing agent. Market designations will likely take place in early April, Davis said, giving the USDA and tobacco buyers ample time in which to prepare schedules for the 1975 marketing system.

• Wayne Claiborne, who rushed for 1,115 yards and was third in the district in scoring with 62 points, was voted by the coaches as the outstanding back in the Western District for the 1974 football season. Larry Fallen of GW of Danville was second in the balloting and Judge Thomas of Fleming third. 

60 Years Ago | 1959

• Internal talks on the possibility of South Boston furnishing water to Halifax began Monday night on what all agreed were amicable terms, but the issue of who is to own the $100,000 feeder line today posed a knotty problem. South Boston Mayor Wyatt W. Wall reiterated his stand today that either South Boston should build the line or should have a deed to it if Halifax puts up the line money.

• It was learned on reliable authority today that South Boston may attempt to beat the deadline on the proposed Dec. 15 bond referendum on a new jail and additions to the courthouse by asking G. E. Mitchell Jr., circuit court judge, to declare the town a city of the second class prior to the voting date. The source, not wanting to be named, said that the referendum date as whether South Boston is a part of the county or a second class city will mean a difference of thousands of dollars in South Boston’s share of construction costs.

• In the ad department: The 501 Drive-In was showing “Enchanted Island” starring Dana Andrews and Jane Powell, “The Sad Horse” starring David Ladd and Chill Wills, and “Up Periscope” starring James “Maverick” Garner and Edmond O’Brien. Also on the big screen was “The Five Pennies” starring Danny Kaye. Newberrys Christmas shopping specials included 3 rolls of gift wrap paper for 67 cents, 4 pounds of chocolate for $1.99 and 12 assorted tree ornaments for 77 cents. W. B. Caldwell & Co. was auctioning off a “nice country home” located at Cluster Springs on Saturday, Dec. 5, 1959, the same property conveyed to T. Montine Pulliam and Shirley B. Pulliam, his wife, by the trustees of Black Walnut Baptist Church, Alton Baptist Church and Crossroads Baptist Church in deed dated Not. 17, 1953.