Halloween safety

Members of the Town of Halifax Police Department visited Halifax Elementary School on a Wednesday in October 1988 and spoke to these students about safety tips for Halloween and trick or treating. Here Officer Harold Powell, Lt. D. W. Martin and Officer Glen Stanley distribute information on safety tips to some of the students.

20 Years Ago | 1998

Fifth District Congressman Virgil Goode (D) cast his vote with the Republican majority yesterday in calling for an open-ended inquiry of impeachment against President Bill Clinton. The investigation was approved by a 258-176 House vote with 31 Democrats joining majority Republicans. The inquiry was brought on by the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the president’s following testimony.

• Officials with the Department of Environmental Quality have acknowledged they took too long to issue advisories against eating too much fish caught in parts of the Staunton River. The fish advisory issued in July 1998 was based on data gathered by sampling the tissue of fish in the river that was collected during 1993 and 1994. It advised that striped bass, white bass and carp taken from a 50-mile stretch of the river may contain PCBs, a carcinogenic.

• Despite the great rivalry dominating the NASCAR season, Jeff Burton is beginning to be noticed. Even the weekly showdowns between Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin can’t obscure his rise. He’s now expected to run in the top five in virtually every race, and that makes anonymity difficult.


40 Years Ago | 1978

• The Rogers Farm on Highway 58 West adjacent to the Westinghouse plant will be bought by the county for $212,500 to develop as an industrial park. The 146.89 acres site has 1,500 feet of road frontage and is close to all utilities needed by an industry.

• The Halifax County Fair was approaching a new attendance record last night, the final day for the festival. Fair officials said that attendance reached a total of 32,151 by 5:45 p.m. yesterday, nearly 2,000 more than the 30,432 who paid to visit the fair last year. If last night continued to attract fair-goers, the record should surpass that of the biggest year, 1973, fair officials said.

• Louise Wyatt won the 1977 HCC Ladies’ Club golf championship yesterday afternoon with a slight five-stroke advantage over Lucille Dickey. The winning score was 168, the second best was 173. Other winners were Mary Allen 180 first flight champ and Maud Hagood 195 runnerup. Also Iris Hall 238 was runnerup in the second flight behind Inez Chandler.


60 Years Ago | 1958

• The county auto strip tax was scrapped by the Halifax County Board of Supervisors Monday as an impossible venture. Acting on advice of Commonwealth’s Attorney F. L. McKinney, the board rescinded a resolution adopted last April calling for a $4 auto license tax. An emergency act of the legislature that went into effect last March 29 permitted counties to impose a tax levy on residents of incorporated towns so long as the combined levy of the county and town did not exceed $10.

• The Halifax Gazette Editor Lynn Shelton explained newspaper work to a group of advanced eighth grade science students during a tour of the newspaper plant on Friday. The students were invited to the plant as part of an observance of National Newspaper Week. Bernice Brinkley, science teacher, accompanied the group of students.

• In the ad department: The Jewel Box, Inc. was advertising a portable record player that played 7, 10 and 12-inch records for $19.98. Edmunds Lumber Company was offering a bargain sale on cull lumber, mostly pine, while it lasts. Boston Department Store was advertising its fall coat event featuring poplin car coats for $14.58 and cashmere coats for $77. Colonial Stores was advertising two large stalks of celery for 15 cents, two pounds of cabbage for 9 cents, six cans of 10 biscuits for 49 cents, one pound of Frosty Morning sliced bacon for 59 cents and a giant 47 ounce package of Tide detergent for 79 cents. Merit Shoes was advertising Merit’s famous men’s work shoes for $5.99.