Students in culinary arts at Halifax County High School have been working on a special project after receiving a Petco Grant from Pets in the Classroom.

Any teacher who has students kindergarten through ninth grade can apply for animals and their habitat. The culinary arts class chose goldfish for their classroom.

Thanks to the Halifax County Public Schools Education Foundation, the class was able to purchase an Aquaponic set up to fit their 10-gallon tank. The grant also provided grow lamps and a tank heater.

Unfortunately two of their class pets, Pickles and Flash, passed before they got to see any plants grow.

Mary Hellen Stafford from Halifax Middle School gave the class some guppies to fill the void in their fishy gap.

Recently culinary arts students planted strawberry plugs provided by Abbott’s Farm Garden and Gun Store. Students also will be planting herbs in the very near future.

Students enjoy naming and feeding pets, but also learn about how food is produced.