Danville Community College Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services Dr. Cornelius H. Johnson (right) speaks to attendees of the College’s recent nursing program information session held in Oliver Hall on October 19. Dr. Johnson spoke along with Nursing Program Director James Emerson (left) about the process of enrolling in DCC’s nursing program as well as prerequisites what students should expect from the experience.

Danville Community College hosted a nursing program information session on Oct. 19 that drew many interested students and community members, both in-person and virtually via Zoom.

Attendees were presented with a variety of information addressing the nursing program application process, program requirements and what to expect.

“Nursing is one of our most popular programs,” said Muriel Mickles, interim president of DCC. “With so many people interested in careers in healthcare, we wanted to give our students and our community an opportunity to learn more about the path to becoming a registered or licensed practical nurse.”

Guest speaker Alan Larson, president of Sovah Health, informed attendees about the myriad of career opportunities for graduates and how their profession impacts the community they serve.

“The information session was a great event. I was so pleased to join with the college in helping recruit individuals interested in joining the honored nursing profession,” Larson said. “Our hospital and our community need new nurses. Sovah Health is excited to partner with DCC to provide the clinical training and mentoring for the excellent nurses the College is training.”

Danville Community College launches a new cohort of nursing students every spring semester, beginning in January. Before being admitted to the program, prospective students must complete a series of prerequisites that prepare them for clinical practice.

“We want our prospective nursing students to be successful in our program,” said James Emerson, nursing program director. “By hosting the information session, we were able to answer questions related to our program, and address the many facets entailed in the application process.”

Danville Community College plans to host more information sessions in the future, across a variety of programs.

“Finding what you’re passionate about is so important as a student,” said Cornelius Johnson, vice president of academic affairs and student services. “By offering these information sessions, we let students and members of our community get a glimpse of the opportunities available at DCC. By hearing from instructors and individuals who work in those respective fields, individuals gain a better perspective of the career path they are considering.”

For more information about programs offered at Danville Community College, visit danville.edu/programs.