The Halifax County Historical Society membership drive is now underway.

The society’s mission is to preserve historical facts, artifacts and structures of Halifax County and to disseminate historic information to the public, according to Barbara Bass, society president.

Past accomplishments since 2004 include:

• Publishing over twenty-three books, two historic prints, two historic maps;

• Producing annual ornaments of historic properties since 2004;

• Supporting to date eight homeowners with the process for national historic recognition;

• Producing three jigsaw puzzles of historic properties;

• Supporting nonresidents with family genealogical research;

• Programing for public—annual historic lectures and tours;

• Publishing 46 editions of its quarterly 32 page Bulletin; and

• Cosponsoring annual Crossing of the Dan 1781 events.

The public is invited to join the society for the coming year. Members receive Bulletins quarterly. Each one contains 32 pages on historical topics in the county.

To make purchases, items are available at the South Boston-Halifax County Visitor Center in South Boston, Peddler’s Market in Halifax or by visiting or calling the society at 434-579-0083 or

“Consider a membership (September-August),” Bass said.

A membership form may be found on page C6 of Wednesday's edition.