The Halifax Volunteer Fire Department is mailing its fundraising letter this week, thanking the community for its support in the past and asking for its continued support, according to Darryl Dawson, chief.

Members of the department want the public to be aware this is “a real fundraiser” and not a scam letter they are receiving in the mail, added Tina Slabach, secretary.

The fundraising letter signed by Dawson and Wendy Jones, president, states the following:

“We thank you for your yearly support and allowing us to continue to serve your needs.

“During 2018, our department received 827 calls for service, including fire, motor vehicle incidents, medical emergencies, and public service calls.

“Our 39 dedicated, 100% volunteer members answered your calls for help. In addition to answering your calls for help, our volunteers also completed numerous trainings, performed other fundraisers, and kept our station and trucks serviced and cleaned.

“Our officers are in the very early planning process of replacing our 1996 model tanker. This truck transports large amounts of water and is especially beneficial in areas without fire hydrants. The early estimate of the cost of this truck is $250,000.

“As you can imagine, this is a huge undertaking for us. Even though the design and construction of this truck will take more than a year, we are beginning to raise funds for it now. Without the generous support of people like you in our community, we will not be able to take on this hefty project. Having dependable equipment is imperative to keeping you and your property safe and we appreciate your support as we begin this process.

“We are always interested in having more volunteers to respond to emergencies, especially during day time hours. Members are required to attend one meeting and one training per quarter and respond to 25% of calls received, as well as participating in fund raising activities and station clean up days.

“If you are interested in volunteering, please pick up an application at the Town Office in Halifax, see any department member, or stop by the station on the first Monday of each month between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

“For your convenience, we have enclosed a self-addressed envelope. All donations are welcomed, appreciated and tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your gift, we look forward to continued service to our community.”