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Well, I must say I’m rather, uh, disappointed albeit my worst suspicions have been verified. I expected response to my recent column on the practice of high-fiving children, but I failed to account for the general deterioration of critical thinking skills brought about by social media, and did not, consequently, anticipate the level of vitriol the column would provoke.

Mind you, some folks affirmed my stance on what I believe is an inappropriate gesture when exchanged between adult and child, but the negatives outweighed the positives by 9 to 1. That would bother me, even give me pause for reflection, if it were not for the quality of the nine. Without exception (that I found), my detractors failed to tell me why I am wrong. Apparently unable to marshal a cogent defense of the practice in question, they resorted to ridicule, name-calling and downright unprintable obscenity.

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