They came from all over, food and antiques vendors, musicians, street performers, all arriving Saturday for the 26th Annual Harvest Festival in downtown South Boston.

With a crisp, sunny day in the offing, there was no shortage of festivalgoers to greet over 100 vendors and a number of entertainers, with throngs of people packing the streets of downtown South Boston and Constitution Square.

Festival organizer Sara Davis said the festival went off without any hiccups.

“We had a large crowd, and we were very pleased with the success of the event. It was an incredible crowd all day,” said Davis.

“It was a picture perfect day with incredible weather, there was a big variety of food, the vendors said they were looking forward to coming back next year, and the visitors enjoyed non-stop entertainment.

“We changed the layout this year and put all the food in Constitution Square, which was a big success.”

Vendors displaying their wares and providing entertainment for a wide range of age groups lined the streets, according to Davis.

“Musicians, balloon sculptors, craftsmen and food vendors made the day a big success as they lined the streets,” she said.

“Thousands of people young, old and in between meandered down Main Street and soaked in the atmosphere. Downtown businesses were pleased as well.”

Downtown businesses fed off the crowds as well, according to Davis, with Brittany and Stephen Adamson of Joe and a Bow reportedly having their biggest day to date.

Clowns and magicians performed, as well as several dance studios, each in turn drawing the attention of youngsters.

“We had great entertainers and performers; youngsters hopped, skipped and jumped around on the bounce houses, while others tried their hands at pumpkin painting,” said Davis.

Barbecue, funnel cakes, candy apples, crab cakes, teriyaki chicken on a stick, ice cream and Italian ice were on the menu, with lines forming at food vendors early on.

“Not only were the visitors happy with the events of the day, but the vendors were quite pleased also, and everyone enjoyed themselves,” said Davis.

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