Southside Bird Club

Southside Bird Club will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday at Fairview United Methodist Church in Danville featuring Robb Herbst, master falconer and educator, as the guest speaker.

Southside Bird Club will kick off its 2020 programs at 7 p.m. Thursday at Fairview United Methodist Church in Danville

Robb Herbst, master falconer and educator, will be the January speaker, presenting a program about the natural history of birds of prey, along with the history and current practices in falconry.

Herbst’s presentation is based on over three decades of working with raptors and other wildlife. The program promises to be both educational and entertaining.

He is a teacher at Magna Vista High School where he has been known to bring Lennie, his Barn Owl, into the classroom.

A master falconer, a feat achieved over a seven-year minimum stretch in Virginia, Herbst occasionally enhances his class with his special avian guest.

Having Lennie in the room puts a fun twist on his New Tech Network Government class. With an owl’s image as a wise creature, it is only fitting that Lennie listens in on discussions concerning the current political happenings in America.

In working with birds for over 30 years, Herbst has handled and flown many species of birds of prey, from a Flammulated Owl to an Andean Condor.

Presently, he has the Barn Owl, Lennie, and an American Kestrel, both of which will be coming along to aid in his program where guests will experience an up-close and personal view of his birds.

The event at 1013 Westover Drive is free and open to the public.

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