The South Boston-Halifax County Museum of Fine Arts and History’s 2021 Annual Membership Meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 28, in the museum’s South Gallery. All members are encouraged to attend, and guests are welcome.

This year’s guest speaker will be museum assistant director Pam Smith, who will present a monologue as she portrays Carrie Beazley, wife of Robert H. Hunter Beazley, founder of First Baptist Church and the South Boston “News.”

Smith, organist of First Baptist Church and retired director of First Baptist Weekday School, will assume the character of Beazley telling the story of her husband, who has been described as “a personification of a paradox in more ways than one.”

Beazley was a frail little man, a teetotaler, licensed Baptist minister and a prohibitionist. He also was a humorist whose hilarious lecture, “Cradles, Paragoric and Broomsticks” was directly responsible for bringing him to South Boston.

Born April 1, 1841, at Sparta, in Caroline County, Beazley’s great ability as a public speaker and humorist first brought him to Danville in 1876 where he met Capt. E.B. Jeffress. It was Jeffress, who went on to become a great friend of Beazley, who invited him to visit the village of South Boston. Beazley was so impressed by the bustling little village, he made the decision to move here a month later, accompanied by his wife and four children.

For several years after the move, Beazley clerked for area businesses and worked as a merchant and bootmaker. In 1890, he and his son, Robert C. Beazley founded the “News,” South Boston’s first newspaper.

However, it was the Baptist Church that became a priority for Beazley, and in 1881 he became a licensed minister serving as pastor of several county churches including the Musterfield Baptist Church near Scottsburg.

Beazley is regarded as the founder of South Boston’s First Baptist Church in the early 1880s.

Smith’s presentation of Beazley’s wife will serve as a preview of the upcoming fall exhibit at the museum entitled “The Village of South Boston before 1884.” The new exhibit will open in November.

Prior to Smith’s special monologue presentation, a short business meeting will take place, at which time elections will be held for 2021-22 officers.

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