As we all sit in this stressful, worrisome and unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic and Gov. Ralph Northam’s stay-at-home order, we find ourselves wondering what to do with our time.

Many have turned to getting outside and working in the yard, exercising, or just soaking in some vitamin D; a strongly recommended activity by the medical professionals. Some have turned to bonding with family and reconnecting over board games, puzzles and more. Others have even returned to the humble telephone to stay connected and find fellowship.

However, for those who are in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, they face a different challenge. For many getting outside is not an option. Due to the fact that they are under greater restrictions of no contact and therefore unable to have visitors of any kind. It is no real feat of the imagination to see how isolating and lonely it could become to sit in their rooms every day with only the occasional phone call to lift their spirits.

The youth of Halifax and Main Street United Methodist churches, along with several other youth from Halifax County, decided they wanted to do something to help.

They joined forces recently and spent part of their “stay-at-home” time making, writing, decorating and preparing 200 cards for all the residents at the Sentara Woodview Nursing Home in South Boston.

Their hope? To share a smile, remind residents we are all praying for them, that they are not forgotten, and hopefully bring a little joy to their day. They really wanted to let the residents know that even in this time of quarantine they are not alone.

In addition, they prepared 10 goodie baskets for the staff who continue to come in every day and care for our loved ones as they themselves try to provide some sunshine for the residents. 

“This group of amazing youth and adult leaders are leading the way in sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ in our community,” said Jenny Witko.

As always, the group is open to all youth who want to come together, fellowship and have fun learning about Christ.

If interested in more information about the youth group, email Witko at, Nancy Long at or Rev. Thad Decker at therunningrev@gmail.