The Rev. K. Thad Decker Jr. (left), pastor of Union United Methodist Church, recognizes members of local law enforcement agencies and Sheriff Fred Clark along with Dianna Simmons (right).

Law enforcement officers perform a service that ranges from good will and roadside assistance to life saving and community protection.

“These men and women rarely receive the acknowledgement they deserve or the pay equal to their sacrifice,” said Rev. K. Thad Decker Jr.

However, on Sunday March 1 members of Union United Methodist Church of South Boston took time to recognize and acknowledge their efforts.

As a part of their worship service, during the time in which the members respond to the Word of God by their actions, donations and dedications, the officers present were brought forward and offered a word of gratitude by the members of the church.

In addition, the Rev. Decker Jr. prayed a prayer of protection, guidance and grace for each of them present and those who couldn’t be.

The members of the church, led by Dianne Simmons, had prepared “goodie bags” as a gift with items like, fruit snacks, Oreo cookies, granola bars and a daily prayer card they could use to begin each shift in prayer for one another.

In total, 125 bags were prepared, one for every officer on the force as well as four special bags for the K-9 officers in the county.

In attendance were two Halifax police officers, two South Boston police officers and five Halifax County Sheriff’s deputies, as well as Sheriff Fred Clark.

Decker asks the public to join with Union UMC in praying for officers every day.