Millstone Baptist Church will celebrate its 154th anniversary at 3 p.m. Sunday.

The Rev. Rodney Dillard, pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church, and congregation will be guests. Lunch will be served after the morning service.

It’s known as Millstone, serving the community for many years. It was founded when a new church was built from old material torn down, and logs were moved to the present site where it’s now located. The foundation of the church was made of rocks from an old mill, no longer being used to grind cornmeal; the stones were given to complete the foundation. The stones were so large they had to be rolled on the road to the present site. The road was named Millstone Road. This is how the church got its name. The name of the road became U.S. 501, and now L.P. Bailey Memorial Highway.

The foreparents of the following names helped build the first church: David Adams, Presley Miller, Isreal Lacy, Joel Logan, Robert Logan, Ben Hendrick, Willie, Millie and Alex Thornton. This was told to Sydnor J. Jennings, when he was a boy of how the church was first started. The Millstone Baptist Church is one of the oldest black churches in Halifax County. It has had 15 pastors to serve with the church. Under the seventh pastor, J. J. Hendericks was ordained deacon in 1918. In 1923 the church was remodeled again. The 11th pastor, the Rev. Dr. H. L. Brooks of Clover, served 48 years until his death. The church was remodeled again under his leadership.

These records were kept by J. J. Hendricks Sr. and Lucy Jennings Easley Coleman who was the mother of the church for many years until her death. After the death of Brooks, the church had the Rev. E.F. Harvey, the Rev. Johnny Stone and the Rev. Chester Spruill. Many additions were made, and souls were saved.

Under the leadership of the present pastor, the Rev. Paul O. Crews, the challenge is to keep this a spiritual center for members and continue to bring souls to Christ. The church is planning a celebration of thankfulness for the many years the Lord has kept and blessed the church.

Millstone Church is looking forward to continue paving the way for future generations, leaving a legacy and honor, growing in Christ with His leadership and divine power.

All are invited to help celebrate this occasion.