Trusting God

We often hesitate to trust other people.

What if we trust them, and they let us down?

Would we be better off just not trusting?

However, some trustworthy people can be found.


The one most worthy of our trust is God.

He loves us and wants for us the best.

He wants us to have a relationship with Him.

And in being trustworthy, He always passes the test.


When sin entered the world, God didn’t give up.

From us sinners, He didn’t walk away.

He had a plan for us in which His only Son, Jesus,

Would give His life, the price for our sin to pay.


Mary probably had difficulty trusting God

When He told her she would conceive His Son.

She believed this unbelievable promise from God,

And we know that a great miracle was done.


Today we can trust God’s promises to us, and

If we don’t know God, we should confess our sin.

He will forgive our sin and save our souls,

And a new life to us will then begin.

—Barbara Stevens, South Boston


My Whisper from Heaven 

Only I can heart it. 

If you hear something you would not think of it and do 

It is something kind; It is from God. 

So, keep your heart open for your whisper from heaven too. 

And you will hear it.

As God does His best work in whispers.

—Pat Roberts, South Boston