The Clover Tree of Lights was held on Nov. 24. The Clover UMW received tremendous support for the project.••

• In Memory: Nat Alderson, Ruth Andrews and Carey “Slick” Solomon by Clover UMW; Madeline and Lewis Wade, Sandy W. Crews and Augusta Scott by Peggy W. Bane; Willard Irby, James Irby, James Irby Jr., Cathy Irby and Betty Anderson by Nettie Irby; Carl and Katie Moorefield Sr. and Madeline and Lewis Wade by Becky and Pete Moorefield; Willis C. Crews, Mary Crews, Ivory “I.T.” Edmondson Sr., and Sally Edmondson by Ed and Joyce Edmondson; James “Jim” Williams, Mary E. Williams, Estelle S. Williams and Blanche W. Canada by Carlton Williams; Dewey Watts, Steve Watts, Lillian Conner and Edith Wagstaff by Geraldine Watts; Nelson Guill Sr. by Barbara Guill; Evelyn Buchanan Martin, Thomas Martin, Granny “Buck” Buchanan, PaPa “Buck” Buchanan, Bose and Evelyn Buchanan and James and Edna Smith by Carol and Bobby Martin; Autumn Martin by Zack, Summer and Meagan Martin; Kent Hudson by Mark and Penny Hudson; Melvin Terry by Alma, Joanne, Gayle, Mann and Pete; Ricky Lee East, Catherine Hazelwood Rock and James Franklin Lacks by Kent and Susan East; Ruby and Sam Williams and George McDowell by Linda and Sammy Williams; Mr. and Mrs. Drewey Seamster, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. James Smith Jr. and Mrs. Wanda Mann Kelly by Tim and Elise Bishop.

Also, Marvin and Maurice Ligon Sr. by Phyllis and Marvin Ligon; Madeline and Lewis Wade and Edna and James H. Smith Sr. by Jim and Wanda Smith; Jeanette Ligon by Alfred Ligon; Brenda Conner by David Conner; Clyde Newcomb, Ben Dunn, Carey Solomon, Bob Dunn, Nancy Trent and Phyllis Dunn by Doll Newcomb; Iris Redd and T.J. Martin by Tommy and Virginia Martin; Stover Martin and Polly Martin by Carter Martin; Clarence and Elsie Lloyd and Winston Hazelwood and Ruth Andrews by Danny and Joanne Lloyd; Madelyn Gayle Morris and Minnie L. Priest by Gayle and Sherman Conner; Walter and Louise Blackstock, Billy Blackstock and Bailey Clark III by Sue B. Snead; Francis and Robert Wagstaff and Sally and Toby Austin by Linda and Carl Wagstaff; Betty Anderson and Dink Anderson by Brenda and Lynn Daniel; Britton and Louise Everhart, Leonard, Mamie and Annie Culley, Cathy and James Irby, Linda and Dicky Yancey, Steve and Sam Russell Sr., Joe Dunkley, Hugh Lee, Dave, Malcolm, “Popcorn,” and “Little Pop” Snead, Nancy Matthews, Iris Redd, Gloria Russell, Grey Dunkley, Marie Snead and Marshal, Roy, Jimmie, Wayne, Allen and Pete Culley by Ken and Ethel Everhart; and Frank Williams by Ann Norton.

• In Honor: Rev. Kerry and Cathy Halbert by Clover UMW; Pete Moorefield by Becky Moorefield; Wayne Newcomb and Linda Dunn by Doll Newcomb; Ora McDowell by Linda and Sammy Williams; Jim Smith by Wanda Smith; Wanda Smith by Jim Smith; Tracey Matthews, Christie Francisco, siblings of Madeline and Lewis Wade and siblings of James and Edna Smith Sr. by Jim and Wanda Smith; Debbie Moses and Joyce Edmondson by Ed Edmondson; Nettie Irby by Linda and Carl Wagstaff; Dean, Jenny, Zack, Summer and Megan Martin by Carol and Bobby Martin; Bobby Martin by Carol Martin; Ed Edmondson by Joyce Edmondson; Ed Edmondson by Debbie Moses; church families by Kerry and Cathy Halbert; Bert Martin and Peggy Orr Jessec by Carter Martin and Edith Williams by Ann Norton