The 82nd annual Elliott/Snead Reunion was held on Sunday, Aug. 1, at the home of Robbie and Susan Franklin.

The August weather was cool enough for an outside picnic and enjoyed by all.

Local attendees from Halifax County were Floyd, Peggy and Jr. Vassar; Billy and Lisa Crews; Justin Crews; Adam Crews; Grace Elliott; Bruce Elliott and Ashley Reagan and Morgan; Tripp Franklin and Charlee, Grayce and Annie; Tanner Franklin and Becca Beggarly and Lettie and Trell; Cecil and Sue Lacks; Jim and Carolyn Lacks; Reed and Ryan Stanley and Claire, Nora Mae, Mary Grace and Walt; Rodney and Mary Elliott; Tammy Wooding; Payton Wooding; Aubree and Braxton; Edith Williams; Ken and Julie Elliott; Dan and Ginny Elliott; Jamie Tillotson and Paul Kipp; and Sandra Rister.

Out of town attendees were Bobby Elliott, Chesterfield; Dorothy Dance and Pam Ferguson, Roanoke; Jr. and Ann Norton, Pelham, North Carolina; Wendy Bradsher, Roxboro, North Carolina; and Quinn and Laura Elliott, Browns Summit, North Carolina.