The Cosby Family Builders—Virginia and North Carolina

The latest book “The Cosby Family Builders—Virginia and North Carolina” is now available for purchase.

The book covers three generations of the Cosby family, which left an abundance of historic buildings dating over a century.

Found in Virginia and North Carolina they include churches, houses, college facilities, courthouses, commercial buildings, jails and a variety of outbuildings.

Every effort has been made to find primary sources by which to compile information using as much documentation as possible. Photographs have been included when available. Difficulties occurred from the lack of records and misinformation regarding builders of certain facilities and family members.

In Halifax County, there are numerous structures built by members of the Cosby family. In the town of Halifax there are nine known properties with others attributed.

The book contains over 90 properties in Virginia and North Carolina. It is hardbound, contains over 100 images, 132 pages and cost $35 for non-members. The book is $30 for members.

Barbara Day Bass and Ginger George Gentry, members of the society’s board, wrote the book. All proceeds benefit the society.

Two book signings are being held — Saturday, 10 a.m. to noon p.m. at the Chaffin House at 110 Mountain Road, Halifax in the front (park across the street behind the Masonic Lodge); Sunday, Sept. 6, at Toot’s Creek Antiques in Halifax from 1 to 3 p.m.

Organizers ask attendees to wear a mask, practice distancing and bring cash or a check for payment.

Membership discount purchases must be at the signings or by calling 434-579-0083. Books also are available at Peddler’s Market in Halifax.