The Halifax County Historical Society’s mission is to preserve historical facts, artifacts and structures of Halifax County and to disseminate historic information to the public, and it recently kicked off its yearly membership drive.

Past accomplishments since 2004 include:

• Publishing over twenty-three books, two historic prints, two historic maps;

• Producing annual ornaments of historic properties since 2004;

• Supporting homeowners with the process for national historic recognition;

• Producing three jigsaw puzzles of historic properties;

• Supporting nonresidents with family genealogical research;

• Programing for public—annual historic lectures and tours;

• Publishing forty-eight editions of its quarterly—a thirty-two page Bulletin; and

• Cosponsoring Annual Crossing of the Dan 1781 events.

The society is receiving an award from Preservation Virginia for its publication “An Architectural History of Halifax County.”

They are planning new publications, more programs and, hopefully, the completion of the renovations at the Chaffin House.

Members ask the public to consider joining the society for the coming year.

They receive bulletins quarterly.

Visit the society website