Liberty Volunteer Fire Department held its annual “Lighting of the Tree” on Nov. 24.

Honor: Randy and Zack King by Dianne King, Liberty Vol. Firefighters, Dale and Odell Floyd, Emily Floyd, Dianne Hamlett, Daniel Dawson, Olivia Hamlett, Meagan Hamlett, Wesley Hamlett by Maurice and Betty Martin, Frances Landrum, Skip and Kathy Mann by Mary Frances West, LVFD Firemen and EMS, Emily Epperson, George, Beth, Jonathan, Hannah, NoahMary, Derek, Abby and Aidan, Dorothy Wall, Jane Hodges by Janice Hodges, Jeff, Jared, Cory, Kyle, Autumn and Emmalynn by Joyce Brown, Mary Lee Brown, David and Pattie Davis, by Joyce, Jeff, Cory, Jared, Kyle, Autumn and Emmalynn, Jeff Brown and Family, Cindy Johnson and Family by Mary Lee Brown, Mary Frances West by Frances Landrum, Poppie, Syl, and Bill Riddle, Jeremy Pena by Cullen, Sam, and Isaac, Cullen, Sam, and Isaac Clark by Mommie and Daddy, All Veterans by LVFD, Halifax County Public Safety  by J. E. Anderson, Kathy Mitzler by Ryland Clark III, Allan Brown by Phyllis Ragsdale, Dolly Fallen, Sarah Monroe, Buck Fisher, Jane Fisher, Becky Gentry, Gracie Conde, Robert Fisher, Heather Hines Wooden, Rodney Wooden, Rodney Thomas  (RT) Wooden, Courtney Hines Harris, Justin Harris, Mary Frances West, Lillian Elizabeth Wooden, Charles Jackson (Jack) Harris,  by Agnes Fisher Morris, All First Responders by Fred, Beverly, Cullen,  Sam and Isaac Clark

MEMORY: Reuben and Dolly Glass by Reuben Jr., Cindy, and Anne, AP and Christine Mills, Velma L. Mills, Mark Mills by Cindy, Reuben Jr., and Anne, Ryland and Lois Clark, Dick and Teresa Newton, Willie and Gracie Dodson, Selma Murphy, Dianne Clark Garrett, Ronnie Lester, Bernie Mitzler, Tommy King by Otie, Nancie and Family, Dan Coutcher, Bernie Mitzler, Virginia Aular by Ryland Clark III, George Hodges Sr. by Jane, George and Bill, Elizabeth Jennings, Mac McPherson, Giles Tune, Bernard Hodges by Jane Hodges, Raymond Crews, Mr. and Mrs. Aylor Ashby, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Crews, Josephine Wright by Peggy and Sandra Crews, Woodrow Wall, Esther Soyers, Beryl Soyars, Wayne Hylton, Sonny and Patsy Pyron by Janice Hodges, Francis Lewis, Billy and Betty Lewis by Phyllis Lewis, Frank and Sue Tuck by Amy Barnes and family, Sam Gregory, Claude Roark, Lizzie Roark Martin, Brack and Beulah Covington by Agnes Gregory, Dianne Marie Pulliam, Heather Lynn Pulliam by Dianne King, Frank Jones by Kathy Jones, James Landrum by Frances Landrum, Joanne and Larry  Conner by April and Jody Conner, Popa Larry by Ethan Conner, Ryland and Lois Clark, Joanne and Larry Conner, Reuben Carr, Selma Murphy, Jack Waller, Edwill and Inez Owen, Velma Fisher, Dianne Clark Garrett, Ronnie Lester by Fred, Beverly, Cullen, Sam and Isaac Clark, Joe West, Lacy Ragsdale, Lottie Ragsdale, Belle West, Oshell West, Glen Ragsdale, Phillip Ragsdale, Dianne Clark Garrett by Mary Frances West, Elizabeth Tuck, Harry Tuck, Willie Mills, John Wilkins, Wayne Walker, Bill Wilkins by Wayne and Elizabeth Ramsey, Hunter Forlines, George and Hattie Forlines by Peggy Forlines, Dick and Morgie Arendall, Doc and Ellen Brown, Bobby Brown, Kenneth Walker, Kathy Walker Perkins Mary Lee Brown, Buck Powell  Bernice and Earl Powell, Tammy Powell by Bernice, Earl, Donna and Katie, Phillip Ragsdale, Earnest Rudder, Jake and Lucy Saunders, Gerald B. Martin by Phyllis Ragsdale, Velma Fisher by LVFD, Maude Martin, Gladys Blackstock, Emerson Blackstock, Ralph Blackstock, Raymond Cunningham, Betty Cunningham, Robert Cunningham, Simmie Martin, Mary Brightwell, Robert Brightwell, Faye Moore, Maurice and Betty Martin, John and Florence Whitt, John Whitt Jr., Oscar and Maude Pierce, James and Elizabeth Whitt Joan Whitt, Douglas W. Vaughan Sr., Charlie H. Vaughan, Gerald B. Hudson, Emma P. Gordon, Archer T. Gordon, Woodrow H. Hudson, Farris C. Hudson, Regina R. Womack by Terry, Crystal, Gage, Chase,  and Ruth Hudson, Phillip Ragsdale, Joe West, Earl Martin by Kelvin, Tracey and Family, Richard and Ruth Fisher, Buster Dawson by Phyllis Dawson, Rex Crews by Jeff, Kyle and Cory, Ronnie Lester (5 bulbs),  by Linda, Vicky, Scott, Robbie and Wayne, Hank Spell, W. H. Spell by John, Staci, Caraline, Conner and Carleigh Spell, Hank Spell (2 bulbs) by Sara Peebles, Patricia Short by Rufus Short, Ted Anderson by The Anderson Family, Joyce Hill, Dianne Garrett by Janice Hodges, Bobby Brown by Jeff and Family, Richard and Ruth Fisher, Velma Fisher by Gene, Randy, Tony and Tim, Joe Mills, Mark Mills,  by Mary Lou Mills, Dianne Garrett, Mary Sue Younger,  by Joyce and Janice, Clyde Stafford  by Liz H. Stein,, Joe Mills, Mark Mills,  by Mary Lou Mills, Jean Lloyd, Dick Lloyd, Randy Lloyd, Horace Fisher Sr., Josephine Fisher, Allan Adkins, Tommy King by Michael, Wendy and Mason Fisher, Dick Lloyd, Jean Lloyd, Randy Lloyd, Eddy Stevens, Tommy Kingby Amy and Randy Clem, Bernice McCraw, Grace McCraw, Margaret Seamster by Bernard McCraw, Velma Fisher by Jeff, Joyce, Cory, Kyle and Jared, Caleb and Reafer Stewart, Garland and Katherine Guthrie, Grandma and Granddaddy Clark, Dianne Clark Garrett by David, Samantha Anna Kate and Ella Jean Clark, Papa Leonard and Memaw by Mary, Derek, Abigail and Adian,  Josephine Hodges Fisher, Horace Dudley Fisher Sr., Joe West, Richard Fisher, Gracie Dodson, Thelma Wilkerson, Elsie Fisher, Dianne Clark Garrett by Agnes Morris, Clyde Stafford, Floyd Hughes, Carrie Hughes, Chris Hughes, Clyde E. Hammock, by Linda and Steve Hughes, Jewel Saunders, Harry and Nolie Dodson, Ed and Estelle Saunders by John Saunders, Burkley and Virginia Wright, Deroy Waller, Randy Waller, Vincent Wright, Francis Posey, Vel Wright Little, Dorothy Waller by Kirstie and Family, Dr. John Campbell by Cory, and John and Velma Glass by Andy and Judy Glass

HONORING DECEASED FIREFIGHTERS AT LIBERTY:  Roy T. Anderson, Claude C. Roark, Edward S. Tuck, Garnett G. Rudder, Roger Stanley, Edward L. Smith, John S. Tuck, William (Dick) Arendall, George Owen, Randy Lloyd, J. Earl Elliot, Horace D. Fisher, Sr., Hubert Guthrie, Richard Fisher, Garland Forlines, Hank Spell, Joe Crews, Ronald Coates, Hunter Forlines, Alvin Hodges, Bernard Owen, Jake Saunders, Joe West, Edwill Owen, Rex Crews and Pete Myers