Joining the Halifax Village Association’s annual Christmas season open house on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 17, will be both the Halifax United Methodist Church and the Halifax County Historical Society’s new home.

These Halifax Historic District buildings will be decorated for Christmas and will provide tours and refreshments beginning at 1 p.m.

They will be supporting and complementing the annual open house event downtown and at the Halifax Farmers Market that same afternoon.

The church, at 133 Mountain Road, is considered the second oldest public building in town, built in ca. 1829 as St. Mark’s Church by the Vestry of Antrim Parish for the Protestant Episcopal Church.

It later became the home of Halifax Court House Presbyterian Church and then the Methodist Episcopal Church, South at Halifax Court House.

At 2 and again at 3 p.m. the history of the building and its congregations will be presented; history that involves several other area church buildings, denominations and congregations, both in Halifax and in South Boston.

Also presented will be the history and mystery of the church’s large bronze bell and research on the Buckley foundry that cast it.

Meanwhile, across the street at 110 Mountain Road, the Historical Society will have its new home, the “Chaffin House,” open to the public for the first time.

The ca. 1880’s house was recently donated to the Historical Society and is now being renovated.

Society members will display research collections and share information on its programs, events and projects.

Some local history publications and other gift items will be on sale at discounted prices for the event.

Parking for both will be available behind and beside the church.