Team Amanda

Friends and family surprise Amanda Rose by wearing “Team Amanda” shirts on July 3, the Friday before Rose’s last radiation treatment at Wister’s.

Just five days after the grand opening of Wister’s in South Boston, Amanda Rose received the news that she was diagnosed with several brain tumors.

A few weeks later, she headed to Duke for a craniotomy, followed by six weeks of daily radiation amidst COVID-19 until that emotional day when she rang the bill signifying her last day of treatment in early July.

After she had surgery, she had to spend a week in a hotel across from Duke and when she came home, her family, members of her church, Hope Church, and friends had completely renovated her bedroom to give her a “calm, clean, fresh space to recover in.”

When Rose began her grueling radiation treatment in May, her best friend, Heather Townsend, and her mom, Rhonda Day, worked behind the scenes to set up a meal train to help relieve the burden of meals while she spent five plus hours traveling to Duke and receiving treatment each day.

“Within 24 hours, the meal train was completely full, thanks to the amazing support and outpouring of love from the Halifax community,” said Rose.

Each weekday of her treatment, members of the community dropped meals off at Wister’s while she was at Duke receiving treatments, which she called “an incredibly selfless act of kindness from each and every person in the community.”

On July 3, the Friday before Rose’s last radiation treatment, she wanted to celebrate by hosting a “Grow Through What You Go Through” event at Wister’s.

Little did she know, her family, staff and friends were working in the background to bring her another surprise.

The entire day, the community showed up at Wister’s with “Team Amanda” shirts on — shirts that were secretly created using Rose’s own artwork to show the “amazing love and support from the community.” 

She spent the entire day in awe of the support behind her as she saw everyone come in and out of Wister’s in their T-shirts. 

While her diagnosis and journey have not been the most ideal situation, Rose has been completely overwhelmed by the heartwarming support of the entire Halifax community.

While her journey is far from over, she is “incredibly grateful to have a supportive, loving community behind her every step of the way.”