The Right Shepherd

If you are in the right pasture,

The true shepherd you will know.

This shepherd also knows His flock,

And the sheep know who to follow.

The Good Shepherd is Jesus, God’s Son.

His rod and staff will comfort you.

He’ll protect you against all predators,

And leading you to right paths, He will do.

You need to be ready to go wherever He leads

For Jesus has a purpose in sending you there.

God wants all people to find the Good Shepherd,

And He will lead and help you to find out how.

People can follow Jesus or follow the world,

But the Good Shepherd wants us to follow Him.

He wants us to serve Him and love as He loves.

We’re to seek lost sheep and reach out to them.

—Barbara Stevens, South Boston


We all want 20/20 vision for out eyes.

20/20 can be something else;

That person that needs a helping hand and you hold one out,

You have 20/20.

If you make more food than you need;

And you share – you have 20/20;

If you take time to call or text someone “hello and I love you”;

You have 20/20.

The perfect vision – heart vision

As we come into the year 2020,

Maybe we can try to get perfect vision.

As God always has perfect vision as He sees our heart.

—Pat Roberts, South Boston