Truly Lord, you made this day that comes in November instead of May.

Humble November, so somber and blue.

A holiday really cheers me up, tis true.

Almighty God look down on me, I pray,

Make me humble and full of joy this day.

November, O November let us lift our voices in praise

Our eyes to heaven this day we raise.

Kind and gentle Lord, I want to be –

Let me think of others, never me.

Lift up our eyes to heaven above,

Let us feel your heavenly love

Thankful am I to be living today

Take my hand, and guide me I pray,

To sights I’ve never seen before.

Straight from earth, up to heavens door.

Thank you again, Lord,

Thank you forever – more.

—Julia Carrington, South Boston


My Thanksgiving

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, green beans, desserts!

Mom’s special fruit punch. Eat, eat, eat, watch football.

Hugs and kisses and goodbyes. For one day we give thanks; that is so beautiful!

We would like that happy, giving feeling every day.

OK; this is what you do:

Whisper thank you to your loved ones and sometimes put an “I love you” in with it.

As God would really like that.

—Pat Roberts, South Boston